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The 10 Spaniards who begin 2023 with the most followers on Instagram

The application, which was launched to the world for the first time in 2010, has already become the main platform for sharing online content. With more than two billion active usersInstagram is not only a form of socialization and personal exposure, it is also a great business opportunity for those who accumulate the most followers.

It seems that fame is now measured based on the people who decide to hit the follow button on your profile. The figures are stratospheric and the level of influence even greater. For example, Kylie Jenner, the woman with the most followers on Instagram in the world (375 million), can charge more than a million dollars per publication. And Georgina Rodríguez, who holds the same title in Spain, has more followers than there are inhabitants in Saudi Arabia.

So that you can better understand the national panorama, we present to you the ten actresses, singers and influencers Spanish women who welcome 2023 with more followers on Instagramthe numbers at the beginning of their profiles do not stop growing every year, discover them!

1. Georgina Rodríguez

One of the celebrities most influential on the national scene; the influencerbusinesswoman and model has a whopping 43.3 million followers On Instagram. In his documentary I’m Georgina (Netflix, 2022), tells his audience about his journey to achieving his current success. From her humble beginnings in Jaca, to her work as a sales assistant in a Gucci store where she met her current husband and father of her five children, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

2. Ester Exposito

This very young 22-year-old actress jumped straight to stardom hand in hand with Elite (Netflix, 2018), where she played Carla Rosón Caleruega, the only heir to a marquisate in the series and a fashionable girl in real life as well. This was just the beginning of a career of cinematic successes, since the series The hunt (TVE, 2020), until his latest feature film, Venus, along with Álex de la Iglesia. Currently it has 28.4 million followers On Instagram.

3. Rosalia

The fashionable girl, the singer with the greatest international projection in Spain today, the motomami. The evil will won the Latin Grammy for album of the year in 2018, and this 2022 he surprised his fans with Motomami, the best reviewed production of the year on Metacritic. His reinvention of flamenco mixed with pop and urban music has conquered the entire planet, so much so that he has 23.1 million followers On Instagram.

4. Úrsula Corberó

This Spanish actress entered the acting scene with the classic series for teenagers Physics or chemistry in 2008. But it was ten years later, with the premiere of The Money Heist which represented a real before and after in his career. The series became one of the most viewed in the history of Netflix and, in addition to great international recognition, Corberó has managed to accumulate 22.9 million followers On Instagram.

5. María Pedraza

One of the great actresses that Netflix has made known in recent years. Like some of her previously named colleagues, she triumphed internationally, thanks to her performances in Elite and The Money Heist. Among his latest works are the series toy boy and the movie The crystal girls, both from the same platform. Additionally, she is a professional classical ballet dancer. She has 11.5 million followers On Instagram.

6. Pilar Rubio

Presenter, actress and model, one of the most frequent on Spanish entertainment television for years. She started with the La Sexta program I know what you did and continued with Telecinco presenting the contests Triumph operation and More than dancing! Since 2014 she has worked as a weekly contributor at The Anthill and currently has 8.8 million followers On Instagram.

7. Penelope Cruz

Since he triumphed on the big screen with Ham Ham In 1992, with the help of José Bigas Luna, Penélope Cruz has not stopped glorifying her name on the national and international cinema scene. This Almodóvar girl was the first Spanish actress to be nominated for best leading role at the Oscars and the Golden Globes and was in 2009 when she became the first Spanish woman to win an Oscar for best supporting actress, thanks to the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona directed by Woody Allen. Now, she is also a fashion icon and one of the most followed women on Instagram in Spain with 6.3 million followers.

8. Blanca Suarez

Two great series of Spanish television culture were those that made this actress known, The intership and Boat, so it will always remain intact in the collective imagination with its characters from that time. She was also an Almodóvar girl, in 2011 she was nominated for the Goya Awards as best new actress thanks to the film The Skin I Live In. Currently, its collaboration with a multitude of prestigious brands has made it have 4.7 million followers On Instagram.

9. Paula Echevarría

Better known on social networks as ‘Pau Eche’, the actress and model accumulates a total of 3.6 million followers on Instagram. Success reached him for the first time with the television series The commissioner (2014), and his last big project was the series velvetfrom Antena 3. This 2022 has debuted in the new season of the contest Got Talenton Telecinco and has launched a clothing collection with Primark.

10. Aitana

One of the great discoveries of the ninth edition of Operación Triunfo in 2017, although she obtained second place in the final, Aitana Ocaña has managed to establish herself as one of the most listened to artists in Spain. with your album 11 reasons obtained three platinum albums. Additionally, she has participated as coach in La Voz Kids and has starred in her first job as an actress, The last, a Disney Plus series. So many fans around the world have caused me to have 3.4 million followers On Instagram.

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