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The 10 Zara and Massimo Dutti dresses that you will love to go to the office

With the wardrobe change having just begun (or perhaps finished, following the advice of the organization gurus), logical seasonal stylistic doubts return. Among them, the use of boots or ankle boots, the return of the feathers and the trench coat, and of course, the commitment to dresses that confirm that this is not a garment only reserved for spring-summer.

In this sense, numerous designers confirmed to us that some models would succeed, even in these months of intense cold. The tweed one, seen at the Chanel show, the knit one, at the Acne Studios show, or the leather one, imagined by Saint Laurent, are three basic references.

To them are added again the dresses with classic prints such as the polka dot dress, seen in XXS code, the pinstripe dress, which was adopted by numerous style prescribers, or even the animal spirit dress, which only needs to respect one basic principle: showing off. with quality fabrics.

In terms of length, the mini designs, associated with stockings (we confirm that the thick knit ones are making a strong comeback, as are the plumeti ones), continue to conquer, although the long cut models also take center stage with side openings or even slits .

Also pay attention to models with flattering cuts: “the so-called ‘wrap dress’, They are perfect precisely for wrapping the silhouette and hugging it in a way that is as respectful as it is subtle. With an irresistible French aesthetic, they are comfortable, versatile and easy to wear, both in winter and summer,” he explains. Fatima Valdes Grandson, Creative Consultant & Fashion Stylist.

From MagasIN, we have compiled 10 models from Zara and Massimo Dutti, the two flagship brands of Inditex, with which you will successfully stand out in the office this season.

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