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The 13 women who have entered the list of the richest in Spain

In the list of the 100 richest in Spain published by Forbes, this year there are 17 new entries that are taking their positions for the first time (some are married couples, others have done so individually and in some cases with the family with whom they share shares). ). Of them, 13 are women (although four of them belong to the same business group).

These are the richest new Spanish women, according to Forbes.

Felipa Jové Santos

Felipa Jové Santos and her brother Manuel have taken control of the Galician group Inveravante, with businesses in promotion, renewable energy, agri-food, wine cellars and tourism, after the death of their father Manuel Jové Capellán. They enter the list and do so directly 42nd place. The A Coruña corporation earned 13 million euros last year compared to losses of 70 million the previous year.

Dolores Larrañaga Horna

This woman is the main shareholder of Solaria, a Spanish multinational dedicated to the renewable energy sector, along with her sons Enrique (president), Arturo and Miguel Díaz-Tejeiro. Head into position number 59 of the richest in the country. The company’s price has increased spectacularly on the stock market and in October 2020 it entered the Ibex 35 index. In December 2016, the share was trading at 0.77 euros and is now around 19 euros. According to Forbes calculations, if the Díaz-Tejeiro family sold their assets and shares at current prices they would have a wealth of 950 million euros.

Fatima and Virginia Mahou

The sisters are shareholders of the Mahou group along with Alfredo, who also shares a last name. They have a wealth of 270 million euros each. Fátima’s son, José Togores Mahou, represents the seventh generation of the family and is currently vice president of the brewing company, one of the most powerful in Spain along with Estrella Galicia.

Paloma García and Asunción Peña

They are shareholders of 7% of El Corte Inglés through Cartera Mancor, which allows the first of them to be part of the group’s board of directors. He has owned his shares since 2008, when his father, José Antonio García Miranda, cousin of Isidoro Álvarez, died. Mancor Portfolio has significant capital gains as its participation has been accounted for at historical values. His wealth, which occupies the rank 85 of the ranking, it is around 250 million euros.

Mar García Vaquero at an AFI event on Women who Transform.


Mar García Baquero

Together with his brother Miguel Ángel, Mar controls the dairy group that bears the family name, García Baquero, through the company Coblilac, which has its own funds of 563 million. Hersilio García Baquero’s children have also made forays into real estate. In 2009 the family bought the Banco Pastor headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and before that they acquired another building from Metrovacesa. They occupy the rank 86.

The Fuertes brothers with their partners, when they named Tomás an Honorary Doctor of the University of Murcia.

Fuertes Fernandez Family

Rafaela Quintanilla, wife of Tomás Fuertes; She, along with her sisters-in-law Juana Fuertes and Carmen Gómez, control, along with other relatives, in equal shares the Fuertes Business Group, manufacturer of the El Pozo brand. They are located in the place number 88 from the Forbes list. The pandemic has not impacted the group’s valuation and the valuation of each person’s wealth is 250 million.

Carmen Ybarra and family

This woman, who enters the position number 94, leads the management of the Onchena holding company, which this year has achieved strong capital gains with the sale of its stake in MásMóvil, one of the most successful operators in Spain. Together, Ybarra Careaga’s family has a wealth of 550 million and has shares in Vocento and SolarPack, among others.

Sara Puig

Along with her brothers Jorge and Oriol, Sara is a shareholder in the Puig perfumery group, one of the most prominent in the world. The family is also a shareholder in the Socimi Inmobiliaria Colonial and are partners in the fashion brands Adolfo Domínguez and Textil Lonia. Access the list in position 99 with a wealth of 225 million euros per head.

Carolina and María Masaveu

The last place on the Forbes list, The 100, is occupied by the Masaveu (Carolina, María, Fernando, Luis and José), shareholders of the corporation of the same name, through which they have stable investments in Bankinter, Liberbank, Azkoyen or the Alfa and Tudela Veguin cement companies. The companies owned by the five brothers have a valuation of 1,125 million (225 million each), but the real power of the Masaveu family amounts to up to 2,000 million, although an important part is in the name of the María Cristina Masaveu Foundation.

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