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The 5 most influential female trainers: effective tips for doing more than just walking

Between the five of them they have more than 600,000 followers on Instagram. His advice has gotten many famous people in shape like Pilar Rubio, Blanca Suárez, Aitana or Laura Escanes, in an endless list, but above all, They have gotten thousands of women and men in shape who are committed to “investing in health” in a “professional” way. That is his main advice.

Its relevance has skyrocketed during confinement when Living rooms, hallways, bedrooms and even kitchens have become improvised gyms. where they entered through a tablet or the same mobile phone to soften a break that has been worse for the body than we imagine.

Amaya Fitness (@amaya_fitness)

Amaya is the author of two books on personal training, creator of the method and has more than 333,000 followers on Instagram. She recognizes that confinement has been “an experience” and that she, who likes to make the best of every moment, “I knew it was a matter of organization and attitude”.

“I wanted to do my part, so that my followers could see that this could be an opportunity to take care of themselves. I began to share training sessions live, regardless of the material and space, and I adapted each exercise. They have been very exciting and fun sessions“. Even now she receives messages about how much fun they had with her.

He knows that the confinement has been a “turning point” in our lives and whether it is “for better or worse, depends on the approach” that each one has made. “Some have abandoned themselves, entering a negative loop and others, however, have seen the opportunity to improve their routines.”

His advice to recover our normality is: “Look forward, leave bad feelings, guilty conscience and regain motivation. Progressively include activity and specific training“.

As specific activities: walking, cycling, swimming or running “depending on physical condition”, but strengthening the muscles with 3 or 4 weekly sessions of specific training. Summer is ideal for trying to do leisure activities that involve movement: “hiking, canoeing, a game of paddles… Whatever!”, he almost begs because he is clear that the activity changes you inside and out. out and It has the power to fill you with energy.

For those who are more lazy when it comes to exercising, Amaya is clear: “You have to establish routines that make you more disciplined. When an activity is part of you, you do it without thinking about whether you feel like it or not. So my advice is to get organized, design your own menus and your training sessions in advance.”

Paula Butragueño (@pau_inspirafit)

He has such a calm voice that convinces of the importance of yoga and meditating almost without trying. “I am neither more nor less focused than others, it is an exercise every day because the tendency is to live too fast.” This Civil Engineer (37 years old) left everything at 29 to fully dedicate herself to what has been his second profession his entire life: personal training. He has 107,000 followers on his Instagram profile from where he has accompanied many people, in this confinement, in their daily physical work.

“I feel very grateful to have been able to serve and I have received very nice messages like the one from nurses who came from a very hard day and took one of my classes and it completely changed their energy. People who have begun to meditate and dedicate more time to do yoga…”.

Paula Butragueño warns that this situation can be “the opportunity to create a life more in line with what we feel and what we believe.” “There are many people who have realized that they were not happy with their pace of life or with the speed at which they livedthe little attention he paid to certain things and now he has the opportunity to do it,” he says.

Therefore, his advice for returning is that everything be progressive: “It is important to return to the most impactful activities but little by little. Follow one or two days a week of body strengthening workouts“.

Looking ahead to summer, Paula recommends swimming, which is an activity that allows you to increase cardiovascular work but without much impact, cycling and activities in contact with nature. “And recover the spirit. Many times people use sports to relieve stress and yoga does the opposite.makes you stop and see how your body and mind are and go in search of that spirit that even the least spiritual have.”

The personal trainer, Crys Díaz.

Crys Díaz (@crysdyaz)

Crys (36 years old) has sport in her body. He belonged to the Spanish swimming team and He spent five years at Blume, the high-performance center for athletes in Madrid. She is a personal trainer and physical therapist and has 121,000 followers on Instagram.

“Confinement has had very negative things for many people unfortunately, but for The personal training and sports sector has been a way to activate people a lot and there, health professionals have had a lot to do with it.”

Regarding how we came out of confinement, Crys warns that many people wanted to get involved in sports, as they have done, pero “basal metabolism has been lower, our level of movement has been lower, and there are people who have gained weight”.

Therefore, he asks that we be consistent and not want to do everything the first week: “We must set objectives in our schedule to see what activity we are going to choose and what days, and have a health professional to help and guide us “. From there, the obvious thing that is not always done: “Try to meet the objectives set as we meet work schedules or time with our children”.

In terms of activities, she agrees with her colleagues: enjoying the good weather and exercising outdoors. “We must take advantage of the sea and its possibilities for swimming, water sports, going for a run or a walk, family sports, playing a lot of soccer, paddle tennis.…and take advantage of all the strategies that personal trainers have developed with training via streaming from home, functional from the garden, that can help us maintain activity, even if we don’t have a gym.

The personal trainer, Noe Todea.

Noe Todea (@noetodea)

Noe (35 years old) has been a personal trainer since she was young, since he was already practicing even before finishing his degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. His first qualification was in Pilates, just when this important activity arrived in Spain. “The philosophy of Pilates continues to work because it takes care of such basic details as breathing deeply, finding your muscles, feeling them because they are there, and taking care of the movement. And from there, everything else.” Her Instagram account has more than 20,100 followers and she is the author of the book ‘Entrénate con Noe Todea’.

“Confinement caught me with a lot of video content for my training program on-line and I decided to contribute it to continue providing service to my users with my particular way of training: functional exercises, explaining things very well, with simple household objects so that the training is effective, which is what we all want“.

It was crazy, videos, personal plans for their clients, private classes via videoconference… “to be able to correct it and see where we need to insist more, which is very important.” Noe is one of those who believes that this time “has forced us to pay attention to things that we did not do before and one of them is our body.”.

This trainer knows that “many people who did nothing, took it up with great enthusiasm, and that is positive, but 50% of Spaniards are sedentary people with little movement, spinal pain, and that is what I have focused on to try to give them solution”. That is why he asks that the return be done with a professional because “we look at the deficiencies that a person has when it comes to moving, with his legs, with his hips, with his back, with his arms, with his entire body.” and that’s what’s important.

His advice to recover the tone is to take it as if we had to start from scratch: progressively: “We have been going for a while walking, running, cycling, daily cardiovascular exercise is perfect, but if it is not accompanied by strength training, in the end you will complain that you are a little lame. Let’s think about a table with four legs: mobility, resistance work, strength and other more dynamic work. And they have to happen four o’clock”

He is very concerned about the muscle weakness that we may be suffering now, either due to confinement or due to aging and asks “to take into account strength work because walking is not sufficient stimulus.”

His plan is irrefutable: “Half an hour a day.” “It’s enough but it has to be every day. It’s a shorter goal that’s within your reach. The principle of the training which is joint mobility, 5 minutes, more stabilization exercises, the core, legs, arm strength…with that you have already reached the end. “It is very acceptable for those who are not used to doing so much exercise.”

Personal trainer Marta Rosado.

Marta Rosado (@personalbymartarosado)

This personal trainer, with a space on Claudio Coello street and in Ibiza in summer, has a motto “believe to create” that she implements in all her activities. Although it also has another one for confinement: “Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Get your act together”.

She has 48,400 followers on Instagram although confinement caught her without many things on-line prepared and she, too, had to get her act together: “We try to bring out the most positive part of ourselves, which is helping others physically and mentally and We started doing online and direct to reach the largest number of people and transmit happiness and good vibes.

Marta knows that, on a physical level, we have come out with “a few extra kilos, and on a mental level there have been people who have tried to meditate more” but the situation has been very complicated: “We began to value life from a different point of view. Before we had everything and now we all have to start from scratch”.

His general recommendation is to go out and connect with people who give us good energy: “Walk, don’t stay still at home, try to interact with people and don’t leave sport aside.” because the people who were better are the strongest and now we have to be very clear that the best medicine is training“.

For this reason, he insists that “the best way to change your life is with a personal trainer” because just as “to learn mathematics or surfing we have hired a teacher, because for this too, you have to do it with a professional.”

Martha He speaks energetically and warns that we must activate engines but also “not look back, move forward.”get together with positive people and get ahead.

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