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The 6 most flattering pink lipsticks

Pink lipsticks have become very popular in recent years and have even been proposed as great substitutes for traditional red lipsticks. It is one of the most successful alternatives because There are shades that flatter all skin types and even all hair colors.. You just have to know how to identify whether a cold, neutral or warm tone suits you more, since it will depend on whether you have radiant makeup.

Which pink tone best suits each skin type?

Lipsticks in powerful, very intense pink, fuchsia and even colors that are close to purple They favor people with fair skin, with a cold tone and even pinkish tones. They are ideal for highlighting the palest features and, for example, you can use a shiny pink during the day and a matte one for an evening look.

Neutral skins are those that are between light and warm tones. As a general rule, practically any pink lipstick suits them, since they can play perfectly with colder and warmer tones. It all depends on personal tastes, what you want to enhance with lipstick or the features you want to accentuate. The most appropriate is choose a lipstick that provides luminosity to the face and in summer it accentuates the natural tan.

At darker skin, Naturally tanned and close to golden tones, lipsticks with an orange base favor them. Nude lipsticks are very flattering, as are coral or peach lipsticks. The color of your eyes and hair is also a very important indicator when choosing lipstick.

We selected six pink lipsticks, available on Amazon at an affordable price, with intense and nude For all tastes and skin types. Some have a matte finish and others with a shine, but they are the most flattering to achieve a unique makeup.

Soft Matte Lip Cream Tokyo shade by NYX

Soft Matte Lip Cream shade Tokyo by NYX

The tone tokyo of the line Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX Professional MakeUp moves between a nude color and a bubblegum pink. Is about a light and creamy lipstick, velvety in appearance, highly pigmented and with a long-lasting matte finish. Additionally, leave a subtle and sweet aroma that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Its liquid format and its applicator make the lipstick very easy to use. Must be apply from the center outwards to get juicy lips. It will be enough to let it dry for the matte finish to take effect and stay as freshly applied for hours, without the need to touch it up even after eating or drinking. It is suitable for both beginners and makeup professionals.

Provocalips Rimmel London shade 310

Rimmel London Provocalips shade 310

The 310 tone of the range Provocalips by Rimmel London very hydrating, with great coverage and lasting up to 16 hours in all types of conditions. The color remains intense and unalterable, it is resistant to friction and even food and drink.

The liquid lipstick with pure pigments offers high coverage, neither transfers nor stains any surface. Its texture is so soft that it does not dry out the lips or crack them at all, making it comfortable to wear all day long. The application method is very simple thanks to the brush. All you have to do is apply the intense color, wait a minute and then apply the Top Coat included to seal the color and give it a touch of shine.

Poowder Puff Lippie NYX Shade 5

NYX Poowder Puff Lippie Shade 5

This vegan lipstick from NYX Professional MakeUp is available in Shade 5, a deep pink color with a matte finish with long-lasting powder effect. It has a very creamy texture and a light mousse. One of the differentiating aspects of this lipstick is its rounded sponge dispensing pad that is impregnated with the product so that the application is much simpler and more precise.

Its powdery formula prevents lips from drying out or cracking. The application method is very simple: you must squeeze the tube until the pad is impregnated with the pink color and then apply it directly to the lips. The application should be from the center to the ends of the lips for a much more flattering result. As a suggestion, you can make the bitten lip effect by giving a few small touches in the center of the lip and massaging it with the pad.

SuperStay Matte Ink Maybelline shade 125

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink shade 125

Tone 125 of the line SuperStay Matte Ink from Maybelline New York is a liquid lipstick with a velvety matte finish and lasting up to 16 hours thanks to its elastic ink technology enriched with a high concentration of pigments. The lipstick is intense in color, does not stain, transfer or dirty any surface. You can wear it comfortably all day without feeling heavy.

The arrow-shaped applicator is one of its strong points, since allows a precise layout without excesses, as well as perfect coverage and without the need to touch it up during the day. It can be easily removed with a waterproof biphasic makeup remover.

Age Perfect L’Oréal Paris shade 107

Age Perfect shade 107 by L’Oreal Paris

Tone 107 line Age Perfect by L’Oréal Paris is called Radiant Tea Rose as it is a Pink color with a very flattering touch of brown. It is enriched with serum and precious oils that enhance the natural luminosity of the lips and soften imperfections thanks to its blur technology.

It is in stick format and must be applied from the center of the lips outwards. Create a very flattering satin effect which at the same time hydrates the skin and reduces the signs of aging.

Smart Fusion Lipstick shade 421 by KIKO Milano

Smart Fusion Lipstick shade 421 by KIKO Milano

The lipstick stick in the range Smart Fusion Lipstick by KIKO Milano in shade 421 is fuchsia. Has a creamy texture that dresses the lips very softlywhich guarantees a unique comfortable feeling and long-lasting makeup.

The bar format makes the Very simple application with ergonomic shape and at the same time offers medium to high coverage. It stands out for being a very rich and nourishing lipstick with the brand’s initials KK engraved on the top. It is ideal to have on hand in your bag and show off pretty lips at any time. The bar comes in a compact and practical packaging in a very elegant black color.

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