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The 6 most iconic bags that have survived the passage of time and are fashion history

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What makes a bag iconic? The shape? His story? The truth is that, in the end, it is a combination of both. Many of the bags most famous have a long history behind and, together with their use by celebrities, make them have an inevitable appeal.

Fashion is constantly changing. Trends come and go. However, there are a series of shapes that defy the passage of time and they continue to be objects of desire, even though they were launched decades ago.

It remains to be seen how the fashion world will change in the coming years but, without a doubt, These bags have shaped thousands of looks in the world during the last decades. At MagasIn we compile some of the most iconic bags in history.

1. Birkin (Hermès)

Maybe the most exclusive bag in the world. It was created in 1984 purely by chance. During a flight from London to Paris, the English actress Jane Birkin She told Jean-Louis Dumas, then manager of Hermès, about her frustration at not finding a bag that suited her needs as a new mother and in which I could also put the scripts of the films I was studying. And thus the most coveted bag in the world was born.

This model has the honor of being the most expensive bag in the world: The Diamond Himalaya costs an exorbitant figure of 380,000 euros. Plus, with an endless waiting list, the Birkin is almost impossible to get.

2. Speedy (Louis Vuitton)

The centenary model house French is one of the most recognizable in the world. The culprit that exists speedy is the movie star Audrey Hepburn. As the story goes, the actress Breakfast with diamonds asked Vuitton to reduce the size of its Keepall (now, the older brother) to be able to have a piece that he could wear on a daily basis, and thus the speedy.

His flexible structure It is perfect for daily use and to put everything you need in your bag. In addition, a few years ago, the French company incorporated a new model with a shoulder strap, which makes it even easier to carry. This available in Monogram, Damier or even leather.

3. Chanel 2.55

The Chanel 2.55 is one of the brand’s most iconic. It’s a very versatile bag. It can be worn both at a gala and with jeans and a t-shirt. Its name comes from the date of its creation: February 1955. At the time of its launch, the chain that incorporated the model was a revolution.

A curiosity about the bag is that it tells the story that the inner pocket zipper was created as a secret place for you Coco Chanel could hide her cards of love.

4. Lady Dior

Bag Lady Dior was renamed in honor of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, after she first wore the model in nineteen ninety five. Created by Christian Dior’s successor, Gianfranco Ferré, its Metallic details were incorporated as an homage to the designer’s penchant for superstition and carry talismans.

His quilted leather, sewn in rattan pattern, and its simple shape They have made it one of the most iconic bags today. Although new models have been incorporated such as saddlecontinues to have a special aura within the collection of the French house.

5. Amazona (Loewe)

Created in 1975this Loewe bag has a strong link with the history of Spain. The Amazon inaugurated a new stage in Spanish society, where decades of dictatorship were left behind and where many changes were coming. According to Vogue, “it was designed for women who were then beginning to enjoy greater power, independence and social relevance.” It was a model designed to be worn at any time of the day.

Almost five decades after its creation, it remains one of the iconic models within the Spanish brand. Its production is not at all simple: it is composed of more than seventy pieces and it is worked completely by hand. Each bag carries more than six hours of work.

6. Jackie (Gucci)

Designed in the 50sthe bag was originally named as Fifties Constance but, when the former American first lady Jackie Kennedy was photographed protecting herself from the paparazzi with her pursebecame a symbol of elegance and fashion.

Gucci’s ‘Jackie’ bag

He Jackie has been recovered on several occasions during the last decades. The last one, in 2020, by the current creative director of the Italian firm, Alessandro Michele. Her slender curved half-moon silhouette It has already captivated several celebrities such as Kaia Gerber and even Harry Styles.

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