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The 6 vegan mascaras you need to know

If what you are looking for is an instant good-looking effect, then you cannot underestimate the power of eyebrows and eyelashes. And taking care of them or intensifying them will not only ensure that you have a heart-stopping look, but will also ensure that the eyes take center stage and even appear visually larger.

To achieve this, mascaras are one of those essential makeup products with which to achieve lengthen, volumize, lift and curl the eyelashes in a single gesture and also adding an incredible density to the final result.

Precisely because it is a must-have in any self-respecting makeup bag, the makeup industry never stops spending time surprising with new mask formulas eyelashes, some with immediate lifting effectothers waterproof and others even committed to the planetwithout parabens, without phthalates, cruelty free and vegan.

Mascaras that are also perfect for the most sensitive eyessince they do not irritate.

Take note because this season your gaze will once again be the main protagonist and all with the help of these vegan mascaraswhich are already among the big favorites.

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    Fenty Beauty Full Frontal

    Provides volume, instantly enhances, achieving longer and curlier eyelashes. Its Full Frontal formula is specifically completed by its versatile brush: the thicker side collects a large amount of product to impregnate the eyelashes, while the flat side defines and curls. A mask made with vegan products and free of ingredients of animal origin.

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    Infinite Eyelash Mascara

    This natural ingredient mascara provides volume and definition in a single swipe. Its formulation based on natural active ingredients hydrates, strengthens and stimulates the growth of eyelashes. So you will notice that at the same time as you do your makeup, you take care of them. It is perfect for the most sensitive eyes, silicone-free and with a formulation of 99% natural ingredients. It also provides hydration and flexibility to the eyelashes thanks to its vegetable oils, restoring weak and damaged eyelashes.

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    Limitless Lash Mascara Ilia

    This mascara is undoubtedly the brand’s best-selling product. A vegan mascara that doesn’t look natural and is strong and effective. In addition to its formulation, its brush is one of the keys to its success. This has a double side, the short part being the one that gives density and the long one that eliminates excess and lengthens. On the other hand, its formula is made with organic bee and carnauba waxes to condition each eyelash without weighing it down, while keeping them lifted throughout the day.

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    Hypnôse Drama Extreme Volume Mascara

    Its extra-large curvy brush allows greater contact with the lashes to reveal incredible volume and visibly fuller lashes in a single stroke. A fragrance-free mascara formulated with a texturizing complex with a high concentration of waxes, enriched with provitamin B, perfect for achieving maximum volume in the eyelashes.

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    Yves Rocher Intense Metamorphose Mascara

    Intense Métamorphose mascara reveals visibly thicker, curled and lengthened lashes for 24 hours. It has an hourglass-shaped fiber brush, soft and easy to use, which is responsible for coating each eyelash from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye and guarantees impressive volume with an intense black result for a spectacular look. Its formula has 88% ingredients of natural origin and has been carefully designed enriched with nourishing castor oil and soothing cornflower water for the most sensitive eyes.

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    Tarte Sea Surfer Curl from Sephora

    With this vegan mascara you can also get instantly voluminous lashes, naturally curled and voluminous. Its formula lifts and separates eyelashes, while offering resistance to perspiration.