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The 7 Best Eyebrow Makeup Products You Should Try

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    Gimme Brow + by Benefit

    This Benefit Gimme Brow+ tinted eyebrow gel contains microfibers that adhere to the skin and eyebrow hair, providing body and definition to it. All through a tiny conical-shaped brush that offers a simple and impeccable application, achieving volume, as well as a natural, waterproof and long-lasting appearance.

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    Tarte Sephora Frameworker Brow Fixative

    Tarte’s Frameworker creamy eyelash fixative is another of those great makeup allies with which you can instantly shape, define and fill in the eyebrow, all for more than 24 hours. A vegan product free of ingredients of animal origin that you can find at Sephora and in 8 different shades.

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    Uklash eyelash serum

    Are you looking for some long, amazing and natural eyelashes? This eyelash enhancing serum from Uklash will become your next favorite brow product. It is a perfect serum for fragile, short and sparse eyelashes that is fortified with vitamins, extracts and natural peptides capable of nourishing your eyelashes, lengthening them, filling them and adding volume in 25 days.

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    Diorshow all-day brow Ink

    This eyebrow tint with a tattoo effect from Dior gives you filled and defined eyebrows instantly and for a long time. The result? Perfectly defined eyebrows but at the same time natural and perfect to give all the prominence to your look. This essential, has a formula rich in high-intensity pigments to dye the skin in a single pass and offering a flawless and water-resistant finish for 36 hours without smudging.

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    Sephora Watherproof Eyebrow Pencil

    If what you are looking for is a look natural with some perfect yet defined eyebrows, this super compact and waterproof eyebrow pencil is perfect for you. It is also composed of Amazonian clay which makes it slide smoothly and last all day intact.

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    Perfectly Defined Long-wear brow pencil by Bobbi Brow

    Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil easily shapes, fills and colors eyebrows. This all-in-one, long-lasting pencil features a slanted, chiseled tip that also provides smooth definition and perfect structure in just a few strokes. It is resistant to water and humidity and is available in 10 shades.

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    Mac Great Brows all-in-one eyebrow kit

    In this all-in-one Mac brow kit, you’ll have all the essentials to groom your brows in seconds. You can build your look with two matte, natural-looking shades and an ultra-creamy highlighter. All with smooth, uniform and error-proof coverage. It also has two types of brushes, a mini-angle brush that glides over the color effortlessly and another small spoolie brush that evenly combs the brow.