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The 9 times that Yolanda Díaz ‘copied’ Queen Letizia’s ‘look’ and the only time it happened the other way around

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Letizia Ortiz and Yolanda Diaz. When we think about these two women who hold some of the most important positions in State institutions, we could fall into the idea that they have nothing in common: the first is the Queen of spainwhile the second is Minister of Labor, second vice president of the Government and member of the Communist Party. However, they agree on much more than it seems.

Born in the north of Spain, Ortiz in Oviedo (1972) and Díaz in Fene, La Coruña (1971), both have followed in the footsteps of their parents: Letizia Ortiz became a journalistjust like his father Jesus Jose Ortiz; and Díaz studied Law to fight for the rights of workers and the working class, just as his father, the trade unionist, did Suso Diaz.

In addition, both have had a very remarkable professional career. Before becoming Queen, Ortiz worked in important media outlets as cnn wave Efe Agency, until he joined TVE in 2000. On public television she even presented the News and was a special correspondent in some of the most relevant international events of that time such as the 9/11 attacks or the invasion of Iraq.

For its part, Díaz opened his own office of lawyers in Ferrol and combined her first public positions with her work as a labor lawyer. Little by little she established herself in the Galician political sphere, until in 2015 she made the leap to the Congress of Deputies.

Beyond his origins and professional careers, there is another aspect in which The two Spanish leaders are very similar: their clothes. Since she became minister almost two years ago, much has been said about Yolanda Díaz’s change of style. Knowing that her image is key in politics, she modified the way she dresses to a more elegant, classic and timeless. This style is more in line with what the majority of citizens expect from a high-ranking government official and has made her considered by many to be the most elegant politician in our country.

In this sense, it seems that the minister has Queen Letizia as a fashion reference, and she does well. Ortiz has been, for years, internationally considered one of the best dressed women in the world and she uses fashion as a powerful tool to transmit messages. Never choose anything at random. If Díaz sought to show herself as a close, but powerful and self-confident woman; elegant, but not stale; feminine, but without this being confused with ‘weakness’ – as has sometimes happened with female leaders, who are forced to dress in a more masculine way -, why not take some ideas from the outfits of the Queen?

Classic and formal sets

MagasIN has collected nine outfits by Letizia Ortiz and Yolanda Díaz in which you can see how the minister has taken inspiration from the Queen, not only from Spain, but from style:

The first coincidence between their looks It happened in January 2020, when Díaz announced one of her first measures as minister: the increase in the minimum wage to 950 euros. At the press conference she appeared with a white shirt, some high-waisted pants and camel-colored heels. A outfit simple and professional, very similar to another that Queen Letizia wore in 2018. However, the option chosen by the Queen to receive the members of the Spanish Patients Forum at the Zarzuela Palace was somewhat more ornate. Her white silk shirt was decorated with a pleat, while her pants included a pretty bow tied at the waist that gave it a more original touch.

Yolanda Díaz leaving the press conference (2020, GTRES), and Queen Letizia at the audience in Zarzuela (2018, EFE).

Shortly after this event the pandemic arrived, so Díaz and Ortiz’s public appearances were significantly reduced. Thus, we found the second coincidence a year later, on March 11, 2021. Díaz attended the event wearing a white shirt, a black pencil skirt and black shoes high-heeled. This elegant outfit was also worn by Queen Letizia during the opening of the exhibition Script. Manuscript treasures of the University of Salamancain May 2017.

Yolanda Díaz in the tribute to the victims of terrorism (2021, GTRES) and the Kings at the inauguration of the ‘Scripta’ exhibition (2017, Casa Real).

This second set could have been a simple coincidence, since it is a basic and it took more than three years until Díaz wore it. However, between the following there was only a little more than a month difference: the Queen wore it during an audience with representatives of the Spanish Mental Health Confederation in February of last year and Díaz at the High Level Conference on the panel of the Social Economy of the Council of the European Union in March. It was a set of gray checkered blazer, black blouse and pants of the same color.

Yolanda Díaz at the High Level Conference on the role of the Social Economy (2021, Moncloa), and Queen Letizia at the audience with the Spanish Mental Health Confederation (2021, Casa Real).

And wearing a suit with a blouse is a look very versatile and completely appropriate for women of her status. Díaz knows this, and that is why he has opted for this type of outfit on several occasions. The last time, in his audience with Pope Francis in December. Her shirt had a very elegant bow around its neck, which gives a touch of originality and finesse to the outfit. Queen Letizia has worn similar shirts, such as at the opening of the 2017-2018 Vocational Training course. Although she remained like a look distinguished, in the case of the Queen it was somewhat more informal, since she dispensed with the jacket and the pants were of a lighter tone.

Yolanda Díaz in her audience with the Pope (2021, Ministry of Labor) and Queen Letizia together with former Minister of Education Íñigo Méndez de Vigo (2017, Casa Real).

The power of dresses

The next outfit is an elegant red dress below the knee and with half sleeves. The Queen chose him to preside over the closing ceremony of the Third International Conference on Safe Schools in Mallorca, in May 2019. In his case, it was a dress from the Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo and it was lighter than Díaz’s. The minister used a similar one in April 2021, precisely for the awards ceremony of the Confederation of Medium and Small Enterprises (CEPYME), to which she attended with King Felipe VI.

Yolanda Díaz at the CEPYME awards (2021, Europa Press) and Queen Letizia at the III International Conference on Safe Schools (2019, archive).

Speaking of dresses, over the years the two have worn some very similar ones and different styles. Like that of blue color with flower print and long sleeves that Díaz used the Government in a control session in May 2020; very similar to another one that the Queen wore during the Easter Mass on Easter Sunday held in Palma de Mallora in April 2019.

Photogram of Yolanda Díaz going to the stage during the Government control session (2020), and the Royal Family leaving the Easter Mass (2019, GTRES).

In another plenary session, this time in June 2021, Díaz wore a short-sleeved midi dress very similar to the one Ortiz wore in 2018, during a hearing with representatives of the Asperger Spain Confederation. They were both from a very neutral coloralthough Díaz’s was a more beige tone.

Photogram of Yolanda Díaz during a session of the Congress of Deputies (2021) and Queen Letizia with members of the Asperger Spain Confederation (2018, Casa Real).

Despite their position, these two distinguished women have also opted for looks more original and suggestive which fit better with more alternative events. For example, Díaz wore a navy blue dress with a satin finish. That bright touch of the fabric provided enough light for the minister to stand out on her own at the Inkpot Award gala of the Association of Economic Information Journalists, held on November 25.

Yolanda Díaz at the entrance to the APIE awards (2021, Europa Press), and Queen Letizia at the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest 2021 (GTRES).

The Queen wore a similar outfit in August, during the closing of the latest edition of the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest 2021. Although with a similar structure, her dress did not have as much shine as the minister’s, so the Queen added some silver heels that completed the set.

Other outfit The most groundbreaking was the one the Queen wore for the opening of ARCO in 2019. It was a short-sleeved dress below the knees. The novelty? He leather finish which gives a more daring touch. Maybe that’s why she chose a similar outfit to Yolanda Díaz, when she posed for the magazine. I Donate. With black heels and red lipstick, the minister gave a much more groundbreaking appearance, far from the formality of Congress.

Yolanda Díaz on the cover of ‘Yo Dona’ (2021) and Letizia Ortiz in ARCO (2019, archive).

The tables turn

Although it seems clear that Yolanda Díaz’s style is inspired by Queen Letizia, accustomed to being in the media spotlight for many years, At least once the tables have been turned, with the Queen being the one who ‘copies’ the minister.

Yolanda Díaz collecting her portfolio as minister (2020, GTRES) and Queen Letizia in ARCO (2021, GTRES).

It was during the inauguration of ARCO this year, in which the Queen wore a outfit whitecomposed of a wide blouse with bell sleeves and straight pants, accompanied by camel-colored shoes. Díaz had worn that same outfit on January 13, 2020, precisely at the transfer of portfolios where he officially took the reins of the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy.

From that moment on, the second vice president of the Government marked the turning point in the change of style that has led her to resemble a consecrated fashion icon such as Queen Letizia.

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