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The benefits that you don’t know about showering with cold water

With the arrival of heat in Spain, who doesn’t want to enjoy a cold shower to cool off? But the reality is that this is not the only benefit that a cold water shower can bring us at any time of the year. Benefits for women toowhich are backed by science and can even help you lose weight.

So, whether you prefer a complete cold shower bath, or if you conclude with a final rinse with it, or you simply don’t know its benefits and are still thinking about it, below we detail some of the most notable benefits of showering with cold water. Take note.

Benefits of showering with cold water

Among the benefits that cold water showers can provide to health, the following stand out:

Therefore, this means that cold water showers could influence the burning of this type of fat and therefore They could also help us lose weight. As long as we combine them with a healthy and balanced diet and regular physical exercise.

Is there any risk in showering with cold water?

Just as all these benefits of showering with cold water have been demonstrated, it is also important to highlight that overdo this type of showers It can cause failures in our body’s ability to regulate temperature.

And, although their application in a short period of time and at a certain temperature can be very beneficial, these showers taken to the extreme can reach alter heart rateto cause skin burns, or in extreme cases hypothermia.

In turn, it could cause the pores to close, so impurities could not be eliminated correctly and it would not facilitate the absorption of creams and cosmetics that you use in your daily care routine.

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