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The best brushes for curly hair and how to use them to get amazing hair

Curly hair is in fashion. It is a fact that in recent years more and more women are appreciating their curls again, in part thanks to the popularity of what is known as ‘curly method’which teaches how to care for hair and keep it beautiful and healthy.

However, entering the world curly can be somewhat overwhelming due to the large number of different products and techniques to define and style hair. It no longer works just with the classic open-tooth comb or ‘rake’. Now there are round brushes, with bristles in zig Zagbig, small…

To simplify your search, we tell you which are the best brushes for curly hair and how to use each one depending on your hair type and the type of curl you are looking for.

How to style your hair correctly

Of course, before discovering the best brushes, remember that curly hair should always be brushed when wet. Likewise, it is important to start at the ends and work your way up to the roots to avoid hair breakage.

Once well untangled it is time to define. Although each brush has its peculiarities, generally you go from the roots, with the brush facing outwards to increase volume. As you move down the length of the strand, it is advisable to rotate the brush to achieve a more stylized curl.

Detangling brush

The most basic brushes are detangling brushes. In this category, one of the most popular is the Tangle Teezer. It is characterized by its round shape and is mainly used to detangle and distribute products such as creams or gels, ensuring that it reaches all parts of the hair.

As it has so many bristles, it is used to detangle any type of hair, including afro hair.

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EZ Detangler

At first glance this brush catches your attention because it is divided into eight flexible parts. Because of this particular aspect, it is also called “octopus brush.” It is especially Recommended for fine hair or hair prone to breakage, since those eight flexible ‘arms’ ensure that the hair does not break when removing the knots.

In addition to detangling, this brush can also be used to define curls, although it is not the most effective in this regard. For it, You can fix those ‘tentacles’ with a built-in bar. It allows you to put it in two positions: on the upper part of the arms, to have them more open and gain more strength when untangling or defining; and more focused, which provides medium flexibility.

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When defining, it is done as with any other brush. You must go from the beginning of the hair, insert the brush from the back to the front and, as you lower it through the strand, turn it downwards. Finally, do scrunch.

If you use the bar you will achieve tighter and more defined curls, but if you like them looser and more open you can use it with the ‘tentacles’ loose.

Rainbow brush

It is very useful for untangling and styling curls, although it is not the most suitable if you are looking to have very closed curls. The key to this brush is that it has the shaped bristles zig Zagwhich facilitates curl formation.

The positive point, compared to the Detangler, is that it is smaller and more manageable, although this forces you to define the curls in smaller sections.

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Cantu brush

You can choose between two models of this brush: silver and black. Both are characterized by having rows of bristles that are closer together, but separated by groups. That is, a couple of bristle lines together, a greater separation, another pair of bristle lines closer together… and so on. However, they differ in the number of lines. While the silver one has only 6, the black brush has 9.

What does this variation mean? Mainly, in the shape of the curls. With silver you get more volume and larger, more open curls.. For its part, black achieves smaller curls and a little more definition.

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However, the best thing about these brushes is their versatility, since they can be used many different definition techniques depending on the type of curl we want to achieve, the characteristics of our hair and the time we have available.

360 brush

The spherical shape of this brush surprises anyone who sees it, however, the way of use is similar to that of any classic round hairdressing brush. Its main function is the definitionmore than the unraveling.

To define with this brush it is as easy as taking a section of hair (we remember, wet) and passing it through the strand while rotating. It can be rotated by placing the brush horizontally or vertically (in the latter way you will achieve a much more defined and closed curl). In addition, it allows you to take larger locks, which is ideal if you have little time to style your hair.

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The 360 ​​brush It can be used by both people with somewhat wavy hair and afro hair.

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