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The best foods to solve hormonal imbalances

The hormonal imbalances They are common in the life and in the different stages of any woman, but did you know that nutrition can be your great ally to solve this hormonal revolution and regulate it? In fact, with the right foods (some of them present in the Spanish Mediterranean diet), you can improve estrogen levels and try to regulate possible imbalances.

Especially during menopause, these hormones can decrease their presence, causing symptoms such as humor changesvaginal dryness, hot flashes, sleeping problems, osteoporosis… Precisely if what you are looking for is to increase its presence, below we detail some foods that can help you increase estrogen.

What are estrogens and what functions do they have?

By estrogen we refer to that group of hormones that have a particularly important function in the reproductive development of women. Some hormones that are mainly produced in the ovariesalthough they are also synthesized in small quantities in the adrenal glands and adipose tissues.

5. Foods rich in vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C such as strawberries, kiwi, citrus fruits, spinach or broccoli, will help you increase this hormone. So don’t hesitate to include them in your daily diet.

6. Foods rich in vitamin B

Vitamin B is also necessary for proper body functioning, as it will help you maintain good health and promote the increase in estrogen. So do not hesitate to add foods rich in this vitamin, such as lean meats, dairy, salmon or grains such as sunflower seeds and brown rice.

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