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The best music to relax and put babies to sleep effectively

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He arrives time to put your baby to sleep, but he neither seems to relax nor be tired enough to go to sleep, on the other hand, your tiredness, and even more so if you are new parents, increases with each passing minute. Does this situation sound familiar to you? What if we told you that music can become your best ally?

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), relaxing music can provide anyone who listens to it with a lot of emotional, cognitive and neurobiological benefits. Reduces stress and anxietypromotes concentration, improves rest, promotes heart and brain function… But did you know that it can also be the best ally to relax and help babies fall asleep more easily?

This is something that experts recommend doing with pieces of music that have a soft and calm melody, since if what we choose is music that is too fast and with constant changes in time, the only thing we will achieve will be the opposite effect.

Why does music help babies sleep?

Various studies have shown that sounds and music can help soothe and ease sleep. This is because there are tones and harmonic sequences capable of affecting the auditory and motor areas of the brain, which can help release tension, relax and even prepare for the development of language and babbling, in the case of babies. . On the other hand, it has also been scientifically proven that music has the ability to recreate favorable moods and gentle in both children and adults.

To achieve this, it is best that we opt for music or melodies with tones that evoke tranquility and harmony, through rhythms and tempos simple, smooth and slow. A good way to get your baby to sleep peacefully is to leave music on all night. This way, when she wakes up between sleep cycles she will continue to hear those familiar sounds and feel safe and relaxed so she can go back to sleep. These are some of the best music for it.

The best music to sleep babies

Classical music

The classical music It has various benefits for the growth and learning of babies throughout the first years of life. Hence, it has become one of the most used music options today to stimulate certain areas of your brain and also to help you relax and fall asleep. Classical music will help your baby feel much more relaxed and reduce any type of pain, as well as release tension. In fact, several studies have confirmed that the heartbeat follows the same tempo as this musical genre.

Relaxing sounds of nature

Nature sounds for babies

The wind, the song of a bird, the rain, the waves of the sea… In the nature there are infinite sounds capable of generating a relaxed and harmonious environment. An effect that you can also transmit to your baby through this type of recordings with relaxing sounds of nature. Perfect sounds so that they can rest relaxed, but that will also help improve their brain development, increasing their learning capacity, attention and concentration.

The bossa nova

Bossa nova It is characterized by its delicacy, softness and abundance of pleasant sounds. A musical genre whose voices are used as an element in the search for serenity. So it will also be a good choice to help your baby relax and rest. There is a wide variety of proposals and versions of well-known songs with this type of rhythm and some that are especially suitable for helping the little ones sleep.

The most relaxing song in the world

The most relaxing song in the world for babies

A study by the neuromarketing agency Mindlab International revealed that listening to this song called Weightless from the british group Marconi Union It has the same effects that a medication can have to calm the nerves, something that the study demonstrated with 157 participants before an operation. A 2012 song that is written specifically to reduce anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate, at the request of a spa. Hence, the musicians worked with sound therapists to compose it. This music uses low rhythm sounds, similar to those of nature or heartbeats, so it can also be of great help so that your baby can fall asleep quickly.

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