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The best products to whiten teeth at home

According to a study by Sanitas, one in two Spaniards has smiled in the last hour, which means that we smile an average of 23.8 times a day. A figure that positions us as one of the most smiling societies in Europe.

Precisely for this reason and because masks have finally stopped covering our smiles in the last year, we believe that the time has come to be able to show off a radiant, well-kept and beautiful smile with sparkling white teeth.

One of the dreams of any woman, for which you will not necessarily have to spend all your savings at the dentist, in fact, this time we bring you some of the best products to whiten your teeth without damaging the enamel and without having to leave home. .

Cheaper and much simpler treatments with which in a few weeks you will regain that white tone of your teeth and eliminate the typical coffee stains or that unsightly yellowish tone. These are some of the best rated products.

The best products to whiten teeth at home:

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    Whitify 6-Day Teeth Whitening Kit

    This kit contains everything you need for teeth whitening effective, safe and fast. Inside this case an LED lamp is included that activates the gel ingredients and accelerates the whitening process.

    The gel contains baking soda, along with other ingredients such as additional natural extracts, such as aloe vera leaf juice or pomegranate seed extract, which are responsible for protecting teeth against bacteria. This gel does not contain hydrogen peroxide, a product commonly used in other whitening formulas that does damage enamel.

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    MySmile Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kit

    If what you want is to improve the color of your teeth with a powerful formula of natural extracts, Eco Masters has the kit Mysmile. A teeth whitening kit that provides an effective method to whiten teeth taking care of both teeth and gums.

    The frames are specially designed to attach to your teeth and ensure the placement of the gel, while the LED light activates the whitening process and the gel’s active ingredients. As for charcoal, it is becoming one of the most valuable secrets in dental care for its ability to absorb pigments and stains from teeth, including plaque to help freshen breath and brighten your smile.

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    iWhite Instant2 whitening kit

    This kit Whitener has ten molds that strengthen and improve the white color of your teeth. It is formulated with white bioactive crystals in combination with powerful polymers enriched with phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, calicofluorocomplex and MOHA-complex.

    To use it you can choose to do so from time to time or for five days in a row to obtain more notable results in a shorter period of time.

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    White Kiss Flash

    This kit for enamel whitening at home has an optimal and safe formula to whiten teeth quickly. A product designed by dentists to whiten your teeth at home, without abrasives, protecting enamel and gums.

    You will be able to see results from the first application and it has no impact on tooth sensitivity. This treatment effectively whitens stubborn stains and makes teeth shine naturally.

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    Ray of Smile Shine Up Teeth Whitening

    This set strip To whiten teeth, it is perfect for progressively reducing stains. A hygienic and tasty option, which consists of a non-slip, comfortable and easy-to-use system, made with ingredients that protect tooth enamel. They ensure comfort during use and long-lasting results for at least a month, allowing you to whiten up to 10 shades.

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    Smile Spa Teeth Whitening Set

    This set whitening, it is not only effective, but also you can reuse it. It does not contain peroxide, does not hurt and does not damage enamel. It has splints and a gel that allow whitening from 2 to 9 levels and works by applying a whitening gel using LED light pulses.