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The “brasserie” is not only a thing for the French: Blu Note confirms it New Brasserie in Marbella

In jazz or blues, the blue note is a note played or sung with a slight descent, at most a semitone. It is where musical geniuses find perfection and distinction.

It is precisely the common thread of the brasserie which has opened its doors in the heart of Marbella, on Carmen de la Cruz street: Note Blu New Brasserie. The inauguration of this “hot spot”, held on October 13, had more than 400 guests, including the influencers Ana Antic, Carla Hinojosa, Lidia Santos or Estela Grande.

In this new space, tradition and the avant-garde embrace each other in a subtle way. As its name indicates, Nota Blu New Brasserie is inspired by a type of establishment that revolutionized the gastronomic world at the end of the 19th century, the brasserie. These open spaces, almost all day, with an extensive menu that initially gave prominence to beer (the “bière”), became unique meeting places.

The French inspiration is no coincidence. The owner and general manager of the restaurant is Zazou Belounis (Paris, 1980). The former soccer player designed a space that, in addition to his culinary proposal, stands out for its meticulously cared for atmosphere. He is not the athlete’s first winning bet, he is also CEO of Mamzel, Casanis Bistrot and La Plage Casanis, three other successful references in the Marbella city.

Versatile and exclusive

View of the “private dining”.

Pedro Jaen

First, it captivates the space. Note Blu New Brasserie opens with a walkway, surrounded by water and an architectural entrance, which takes us directly to the “private dining” area. The place, where more than 2,000 bottles are preserved, rescues the concept of brasseriewith bars and open kitchens, warm light and round tables.

In total, the kitchen team can serve more than 400 seated people and more than 800 cocktail people. Surrounded by windows, this first space extends with a terrace that breathes the spirit of the city, with low tables and armchairs, upholstered in the emblematic Marbella white. An open-air terrace that has its own bar.

These two central areas are complemented by the “Blu Bar”, an exclusive place reserved for its members and special clients whose decoration refers to the name of the space: blue dresses armchairs and sofas, under a sky of wild vegetation. The result is a more intimate space that aims to go beyond the concept of a nightclub. Until 4 in the morning, it allows its clientele to enjoy an exclusive atmosphere, in the image of Marbella.

One of Joseph Klibansky’s sculptures at Nota Blu New Brasserie.

Pedro Jaen

All of this wrapped in the magic of the work of Joseph Klibansky, an artist known for his graphic work and sculptures such as Self-portrait of a dreamer. It combines object and image, with a strong audiovisual inspiration and the ability to play with anachronistic elements. Some of his works have been installed on the terrace of the Nota Blu New Brasserie, capturing the constant balance between the past and the future.

Your culinary proposal

The complementarity of typical French gastronomy and Mediterranean delicacies It is presented as evidence. Behind the Nota Blu New Brasserie menu is executive chef Fabián Cangas, who, inspired by his travels around the world and his experience, has set out to add expressiveness and freshness to classic dishes.

Bet, for example, on the legendary escargots de Bourgogne or the entrecôte premium grilled, with Café de Paris butter, Provençal coquelet or écrasées potatoes. The Mediterranean touch is given by delicacies such as pizza of cured meat, Comté cheese and arugula pesto, or the pissaladierewith caramelized onion, black olives, anchovies.

The fish menu is undoubtedly the strong point of the gastronomic proposal: it includes the legendary Miso Meunière sole with Cod, with a differentiating touch, with Josper, with cherry tomato sauce, black olives and capers. Gourmets will especially appreciate exclusive delicacies such as truffle pizza or gratin lobster, with a lemon mousseline that provides freshness.

The desserts shine for their tasty simplicity. Fabián Cangas proposes the slime to the Limoncello with vanilla chantilly or the safety pin moelleux au chocolat. France is also breathed through its wine list that includes such interesting proposals as the Château Peyrassol AOC Côtes de Provence and Grand Cru such as the OC Chablis Grand Cru Les Preuse Gueguen.

The cocktail shaker is added to the extensive gastronomic proposal. There is no space worth its salt without a complete cocktail menu. Note Blu New Brasserie reminds us of this with its drinks, from the most soft, as The Garden of Versailles (Chandon Garden, St. Germain, lavender, cardamom and hibiscus) to the stronger ones, such as Black pigeon (Patron Silver, mezcal, chipotle, lime, agave, grapefruit).

Open exclusively at night (from 7:30 p.m.), Nota Blu New Brasserie does not rule out expanding its proposal with daytime menus. For now, there is no doubt that it will establish itself as one of the great references of the Costa del Sol.

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