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The controversy of Lucía Etxebarría (and Paz Vega) for their war against trans women in women’s bathrooms

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The bitterest controversy is served: it all started with a post by the writer Lucía Etxebarría on Instagram, where she said that years ago she was raped “at knifepoint” and that when they arrested the aggressor “it was proven that there had been a sexual exchange, and that the semen was his, but there were no marks of blows on my body.” It was her word against his and he was free. “Because I didn’t resist, they didn’t believe me. If I had resisted, I would not be here today to tell it,” she wrote.

And he continued like this: “Rosa María is this person. “She posted a tweet saying that when they asked her for dialogue, she was willing to offer dialogue, and she showed a baseball bat with the word ‘dialogue,'” she said, attaching a video by the doctoral student in Philosophy and Gender Rosa María García where she talks about biological sex, gender, identity and about his entry – without incident – into a women’s bathroom.

“Rosa María has an account in which she shows you explicitly sexual photos of herself, upon payment. In those photos and videos a perfectly functional penis can be seen. When I go down to the Día supermarket I find that there are two security guards and an electromagnetic arc at the door. “I don’t think that’s why they are calling me a thief but rather that they are taking precautions.”

Etxebarría closes his exhibition: “I don’t want to share a bathroom or an enclosed space with a person who swings a baseball bat and has a functional penis., simply as a matter of precautions. Carla Antonelli, PSOE deputy, called me ‘putrid golem’ in a tweet for expressing this opinion. To the PSOE this seems normal. The PSOE considers that I am a harasser and that Rosa María deserves all its support.”

He recalled that on the same day “that a transsexual woman was attacked, there had been ten rapes,” and that the next day “a woman was murdered in Donostia.” “Pedro Sánchez expressed his solidarity with the attacked trans woman but not with the raped women or the murdered woman: I do not have to choose between one party or another. Showing the misogyny of the PSOE does not automatically make me a follower of the PP or Vox. Now tell me if you would be left alone with Rosa María in a bathroom. Tell me if you understand my position. Tell me if you believe that the PSOE supports raped women.”

Paz Vega’s like

There is the post. The problem came when the actress Paz Vega commented on the publication with a purple heart icon and comments began to appear criticizing her that this text was “TERF”, that is, trans-exclusionary, and, therefore, Vega was “transphobic”. “Paz Vega supporting transphobic and misogynistic harassment towards a trans woman. “The masks fall”, for example, one user wrote. “How sad and disgusting,” said another. Etxebarría warned about the “harassment of Paz Vega” and created the hashtag #YoApoyoaPazVega, although others believe that a mountain has been made out of a molehill.

“No one has attacked Paz Vega. There was disbelief when seeing how she liked a transphobic publication. However, Luc_a Etxebarr_a launched that idea and made it TT. A TT that is born from a lie. The same disinformation and fake news strategy that the extreme right uses”, writes journalist and LGTBI+ activist Rubén Serrano.

Rocío Monasterio, from Vox, has also stated: “Now some will understand the harm that those of us who denounced the Trans Law approved by the PP in Madrid in 2016 have suffered. There is a lack of freedom, there is plenty of dictatorship of gender ideology. I support Paz Vega”, a tweet that has caused blisters among feminists, who They have responded asking him not to “instrumentalize” them because Vox is “pure patriarchy.”

Etxebarría, for her part, has also shared terrible private messages in which users threaten her: “Be careful when you leave the house tomorrow, don’t get scared because the hospitals aren’t there to receive visitors, daughter of a big bitch.” . Or: “We also join the threats you have received, you better go to the police and tell them how terrified you are and do it before six o’clock tomorrow. Let’s hope that when you return home they will recognize your face, or, failing that, it becomes deformed as a result of the beatings that trans people receive. Let’s see if that’s how you learn. With sticks.”

The positions are divided: there are those who point out that “Lucía Etxebarría has been using her loudspeaker for months to fuel hate speech towards trans people and when trans people defend themselves, their victimhood comes: you are not a martyr, you are a bully” – as she writes the user Gem Muay -, and there are those who understand, on the contrary, that radical feminists are receiving harassment for demanding “the need for safe spaces for women.” Give yourselves your opinion.

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