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The curious (and little known) variety of banana with high antioxidant content

The red bananas They have become one of the most popular fruit varieties in recent times, but the reality is that they are not a new type of banana, nor do they taste like raspberries as some media say. If this type of banana stands out for something, whose cultivation is already done in Spainis because of its many interesting benefits for health in general and for women in particular.

The only new thing is that this type of banana, whose cultivation began in the Canary Islands more than 20 years ago, has also been gradually incorporated into the fruit catalog from many Spanish supermarkets. We tell you everything about its origin, benefits and the best ways to consume this trendy fruit.

What is the red banana and what is its origin?

The red banana attracts attention especially for the external color of its skin. A skin in which you can see reddish or brown tones, with shades and spots close to purple darker to more orange or even pink tones.

How to consume red banana

If after knowing all its benefits you are already thinking about incorporating it into your diet, we tell you that you can consume it different ways depending on personal preferences:

Raw: Like other varieties of bananas, the red banana can also be eaten raw like any fresh fruit. You can eat it directly after peeling it or add it sliced ​​to fruit salads or smoothies.

Cooked: Red plantain can also be cooked, either boiled, roasted or fried.

Banana flour: Red banana can also be made into banana flour, used to make tortillas, breads, or other types of baked goods.

In smoothie: Thanks to its sweet flavor and texture, the red banana can also be a good choice of fruit to make smoothies or juices. Dare to combine it with other fruits to make this smoothie even more nutritious and healthy.

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