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The definitive guide to white suits for any event

Baptism, wedding or business lunch, a white suit cannot be missing from your wardrobe. These are occasions that require a look special and carewhich you will ensure with a more elegant pants, shirt and jacket.

A white suit can be your best ally every time you have an event that requires more formality and, we assure you, that you will use it more than once. Not only is it useful socially, but it is also practical for any work situation.

Therefore, we have developed a guide to 5 outfits that adapt can adapt perfectly to your style and in which we include different stores and prices.

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    Do you want to hit the target?

    The first white suit option that we recommend is this one from Tintoretto. Compound straight women’s suit pants (69.99 euros), plain semi-fitted women’s vest (199 euros) and plain women’s jacket with button (110 euros), this suit is very versatile.

    With these components you can get up to four looks differentwhich you can adopt depending on the occasion and the weather. The first would consist of a complete set, in which you include all the parts. On the other hand, you can use just the vest and pantsfor slightly more informal occasions, but in which you have to be dressed up, or in case the temperature is very high.

    You can too use the set without the vestbut with a shirt of similar shades or, finally, give it a touch sexy using only the jacket and the pants.

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    All to the white

    This set of Zara It is the most original. It is made up of a belted tuxedo blazer (69.95 euros) and regular high-waisted pants (29.95 euros) and made with polyester and viscose. Furthermore, the jacket belt is completely optionalso you can vary the look depending on what you want most.

    Likewise, the closure of the jacket is very hidden, since it has a hidden button, which gives a feeling of greater elegance. The pants go matching, in which the zipper is not visible either. Finally, we must also highlight the fluidity of both garments, in which you will surely be very comfortable.

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    Cropped version

    With the arrival of the new season, The rise in temperature is being noticed. In case you have an event this spring or summer and be very fan of suitsthis alternative is for you. Stradivarius offers straight trousers with pleats (22.99 euros) with perfect details for these seasons and that combine with his american cropped fluid (29.99 euros).

    Besides that the white tone is warmimpeccable for these seasons, the buttons on both garments add particularity to the whole. The clear protagonist of it is the jacketwhich is still formal, but adapts to the style of the people who love the clothes cropped. If you are one of them, what are you waiting for to be your new look favorite?

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    Love for bells

    Like all sets, this one H&M It also has its unique touch. Count with one flared dress pants (29.99 euros), which is far from the typical righteousness that characterizes formal pants. With them, you can show off your own personal style without running away from elegance and you will be the star of any event.

    The other part of this suit is the single breasted blazer (44.99 euros), which culminates this set that is both modern and classic.

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    Bet on versatility

    This C&A suit is just as versatile than that of Tintoretto. It is also made up of three parts: the oversized blazer (67.99 euros), vest (28.99 euros) and office pants high waist (48.99 euros). The color allows you to use it both day and nightthanks to the fact that it is more opaque.

    On the other hand, this suit is sustainable and elegant at the same time. Belongs to the initiative by C&A #Wearthechange (“wears the change”), a clear play on words with “We are the change.” Products bearing the signature of this project contain, at least, 20% recycled polyesterwhich helps protect natural resources.