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The emotional story of Princess Margaret: sisterhood and visibility of AIDS in the 80s

It was said that she was the most rebellious of the British Royal Family: ahead of her time, somewhat shameless and with a frenetic love life that shook the foundations of the Crown. Two decades after her death, the princess Margaret of England still one of those real legends with an eternal magnetism, as faithfully reflected by the scriptwriters of the series The Crownmaking her the absolute protagonist of some of its seasons.

Now it is the queen camilla who values ​​his figure and shows the true personality of Isabel II’s sister via her Instagram book club. In this profile, she encourages her followers to discover new books each season and meet the extraordinary people who create them.

One of them is Lady Anne Glenconnerwife of Baron Colin Christopher Paget Tennant, who was Margarita’s companion and author of several books, including two biographies in which she narrates her intense life, dotted with drama and marital problems.

The wife of Charles III remember one of those difficult moments: Henrandthe second of his children, contracted AIDS and had to face rejection from society added to the pain of a disease that was then fatal in most cases.

Margaret’s role in that difficult time for the aristocrat was very important and Camila has remembered it with this text: “When Lady Glenconner’s second son, Henry, was very ill with AIDS, many of Anne and Colin’s friends They avoided the family.Princess Margaret He was one of the few people who remained loyal to Ana: He came to stay with her in Norfolk and hugged Henry, despite his illness. Henry eventually died of AIDS in 1990 and her brother Charlie of hepatitis C in 1996. Loyal and fearless, Princess Margaret has supported her childhood friend through the most difficult times imaginable.”

An history about sorority and also the visibility of a disease taboo by a member of royalty that is very remarkable since in the 80s and 90s there was a real pandemic and fear was installed in society. In addition to this episode, Camila also wanted to highlight the figure of Carlos III’s aunt, her true character and her strong sense of friendship. She picks up Lady Glenconner’s staunch defense of the princess to extol her virtues.

The biography of Lady Anne Glencooner.

Lady Glenconner was furious at the publication of an unflattering book written about Princess Margaret and was eager to tell her side of the story. She assures us that the Princess She was not spoiled, nor difficult, but fun, loving and practical. Neither Lady Glenconner nor Princess Margaret had particularly happy or easy marriages. Mutual support and understanding between the two women was imperative for their survival,” she writes. In fact, Margarita was not very lucky in sentimental matters. She was not allowed to marry her great love, Colonel Peter Townsend, because he was divorced from her, and her subsequent marriage to the British photographer and filmmaker Antony Armstrong-Jones, father of her two children, did not happen either. to a good port. Anne, for her part, was never separated from her husband, but she had to endure her eccentric and sometimes violent character.

The writer, who is currently 91 years old, has spoken at length about Margarita in her biographies. “Our relationship was the same as a relationship between two ordinary women, and was not characterized by being composed of a princess and her lady-in-waiting. Margarita was always a great friend to me and an unexpected source of wise advice,” he confesses.

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