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The fall to hell of feminist influencers Devermut after an alleged homophobic attack

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Marta Cillán and Sara Giménez are the young people behind the Devermut projectwith great success on Instagram thanks to its feminist activism that made relevant information and social denunciation known to its followers. Now, they are the ones who find themselves at the center of the controversy after last Friday the couple reported that, the night before, They had suffered a homophobic attack in a nightclub in Conil, in Cádiz. According to them, they were expelled from the premises because of their sexual orientation. As they explained through several stories on their account, both were expelled after confronting several men who harassed them after seeing them kissing.

“After kiss and have 200 hunks watching, we have notified the doormen, and what they have done is tell us that perhaps we had drunk too much. A short strong goalkeeper Mazado even tried to hit us, the level was strong,” they explained to their followers.

The networks burn

Until that moment, The networks were on the side of the influencers, who told their story. However, hours later, the place Luna responded through social networks and published shortly after an official statement warning that they had several images from that night where it could be demonstrated that the Devermuts’ story was false.

The videos broadcast by the venue summarize three hours of recording, that are accompanied by the reasons why They were expelled. The first was for not respecting the anti-Covid measures, the second for disturbing the customers who were around them for no reason, and the third for using bad manners to address the local staff who came to see what was happening and asked them to They left the pub.

Just a few hours ago, The couple of influencers shared images of the premises and a text in response to the latest information. “We have not spoken during these days because, really, we did not feel we had the strength to do so. These have been very hard days for us. What has happened to us is what has happened to all women at some point: feel intimidated, harassed, or humiliated by men in public spaces. We have been together for many years of work, effort and dedication, seeking to achieve a more just world for us, and although sometimes it seems that all is lost, We have always tried to encourage women not to remain silent when we are victims. of these situations, in the best way we have known how to do,” they wrote in the post.

“We didn’t think we had to give explanations, but in this case we have no choice. We have been lucky that not many have, and that is that in the set of videos published, It is clearly seen how a man kisses us without our consent, just at the moment when we were asking him to leave us alone. These images have been omitted from all the videos that have gone viral. This is important to show that what we say is true, and what they say is a lie. This is already in the hands of our lawyers, and therefore we will not make any further statements about it,” they continued, and then thanked the love and support they have received from their followers.

The LGBT community responds

These things happen to us every day in the LGBT community. We had never been kicked out of a nightclub for being lesbians. 2021″, the influencers wrote in a story. One of the messages most criticized by the community after knowing the real events, since they could be using a collective problem to justify their actions and “victimize” themselves.

Behind the viewing the images of the premises Marta and Sara’s version is contradicted. However, many claim that it must be taken into account that there is no sound in these images, and they are also a summary with cuts that could contain essential material to understand what happened, such as the new video shared by them in which it is seen that one of the men kisses one of the women involved on the cheek without her consent. A conclusion that will most likely be clarified in courtsince the venue has announced that it will take legal action and sue Devermut for libel and slander.

For now, the Devermut have lost around 70,000 followers in two days, a figure that continues to decline, although for now it is not known which of the two versions is true.

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