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The feminine hygiene product that is sweeping Mercadona: 26,000 sold this year

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The menstrual cup It is becoming a staple for women during menstruation. The advantages it has for users are already very popular since it is more comfortable, less polluting and less toxic for the female body.

And Mercadona I was not going to miss the opportunity to also enter that claim and with great success. according to the economic figures. So far this year, its supermarkets They have sold more than 26,000 menstrual cups. A successful launch that clearly responds to a growing social demand and its price low cost: 9 euros.

Mercadona’s menstrual cup, marketed under its Deliplus brand since January, Sold in two sizes (M and L). According to the product recommendations, M would be intended for women under 25 years of age who have not had children through vaginal birth while L would be more for women over 25 years of age or who have already had vaginal births.

According to the company, “the Deliplus Cup provides up to 12 hours of protectionalways depending on the amount of menstrual flow, without having to change it constantly. It is made of TPE material medical grade, hypoallergenic and very easy to insert and remove.

Like the rest of menstrual cups, it must be sterilized before the first application in a saucepan with enough boiling water to cover it.

The Mercadona box includes a cloth bag to store it during the days it is not used until the next menstruation.

Up to seven benefits have already been proven specifics of using the cup for women ranging from health aspects, because it is less toxic and collects menstruation without absorbing it, to economic aspects, it is cheaper in the long term, and comfort, longer lasting and does not smell.

In addition, some brands have also launched special menstrual cups for the first menstruations of adolescent girls. They try to facilitate its use, taking into account the modesty of girls at these ages and the importance of preserving the hymen in the case of some cultures.

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