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The five most effective aphrodisiac foods for women

Good nutrition is essential to have a balanced life in all fields. Just as there are foods to lose weight, to build muscle or even to increase your happiness, there are also foods that improve your sexual activity.


Cinnamon has the property of increasing libido, but this is not its only use. In some eastern cultures it is traditionally used to prevent cold and it is also a compound that is used within the framework of aromatherapy for relaxing purposes.


Honey has a high content of vitamins B and C, as well as certain minerals that stimulate the production of sex hormones. It is a mineral boron that helps promote the utilization and metabolization of the female sex hormone. Additionally, it increases the levels of the hormone responsible for sexual desire.


They are the aphrodisiac food par excellence due to their high zinc content, which favors the release of sex hormones. It also helps improve lubrication and provides a great increase in energy, which later guarantees good sexual performance.

They also help fertility, since a plate of oysters delivers in a single intake vitamins A, B, C and D. In this sense, taking scientific studies as a reference, the lack of vitamin D can be one of the causes of problems with low fertility. By eating this food, in addition to increasing libido, we are also making up for the lack of vitamin D.


Finally, we couldn’t not include in the list the most aphrodisiac fruit of all: the strawberry. Surely the legendary scene from Pretty Woman comes to mind in which Julia Roberts eats strawberries with champagne while an attentive Richard Gere looks on.

Well, the choice of fruit was not a coincidence, since strawberries stimulate the endocrine glands and the nervous system. If we also combine them with chocolate (another aphrodisiac food), the combination, in addition to being delicious, will almost certainly improve sexual relations.

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