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The future of video games is written in feminine terms: the 10 women who succeed in the gamer world

Traditionally, The world of video games has been a world monopolized by men, and the data corroborates this statement. According to Fortune, 84 percent of video game industry executives are menand in general, only 24 percent of workers in this sector are women.

It is also not common to find female protagonist characters in video games, and the few that there are—almost always secondary—are usually hypersexualized women and absolutely dependent on men.

Naturally, The female gamer community has made several attempts to change this situation.but the video game industry has proven to be especially inflexible in this regard.

This trend is also visible in the field of streamers and the gamers professionals, because although there are still many more men than women, There are more and more players who stand out in this world. In this list, you can meet the most popular international and Spanish gamers.

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