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The hairstyles with braids that are trending

In the midst of a heat wave, it is time to put aside the classic updos and polished ponytails or straight hair and opt for easy updos to protect your hair from the summer, take risks with wavy hair full of movement or opt for original hairstyles with which to innovate.

To achieve a much more summery and relaxed image, among all the possible hairstyles, there is always one trend that, especially with the arrival of summer festivals, once again becomes the protagonist: braids.

Braids that every summer we see reinvented in all types of hair and hairstyles and to which this the vast majority of people have already joined influencers and famous Spanish. A way to give a nineties touch to any look and with which you can also bring joy and youth to your face in a matter of seconds.

Some celebrities like Paula Echevarría, María Pombo or Úrsula Corberó have already signed up to wear them. What style is your favorite?

4. Bubble Boxer Braids

The actress Blanca Suárez is a true fan of the bubble pigtails. In fact, he has already signed up to wear them on countless occasions and in all possible versions. One of the last has been this, boxer type.

To do them, you will simply have to divide the hair into two halves and start with a high ponytail in one of the halves and, from there, add strands of hair, securing the hair with small elastics.

Once you have grabbed it, pull the strands slightly upward and open them with your hands to get that bubble shape. Finally, do the same process with another side and that’s it!

5. African braids

African braids are a guaranteed trend every summer and this one was no different. A hairstyle full of woven mini braids to the area closest to the scalp, which you can vary depending on your style.

You can choose to wear it all over your hair or simply concentrate it on the sides or the front and they are perfect for the most daring ones. One of the latest celebrities to sign up to wear them has been the actress Zendaya.

6. Woven Braids Headband

This is another of those hairstyles inspired by the nineties and to which the influencer Maria Pombo. A hairstyle with braids woven on top that serve as diadem, leaving the rest of the hair loose. A look work of the hairdresser Jesús de Paula and that influencer It combined perfectly with loose, slightly wavy hair.

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