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The importance of having someone by your side | Career & Success

It is often said that “next to a great man there is always a great woman”. Well, in recent times maybe not all of this is true. Women ended up assuming positions of importance and with that the phrase necessarily has to be changed to “next to a great woman there is always a great man”.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter if male or female, it’s very important for anyone to have someone by their side, especially when it comes to working life.

When young we need someone to encourage us even to set our goals. If that someone has a more adjusted view of life, he will certainly bring us at least a word of encouragement about what is the best option.

Someone with a good structure will always be by our side in difficult moments of the career. At the very least, it will be an attentive ear to those complaints that we all have regarding the daily dissatisfaction and disappointment at work with colleagues and superiors, with the difficulties in achieving goals and so many others.

Someone with a good structure can be a reference so we don’t get stuck in our academic training, leading us to seek improvement in our skills and knowledge. How many professionals don’t grow because there is someone who pushes them, who forces them, who encourages them just by reminding them that they have to pursue a higher education course, or a , a master’s degree and a doctorate?

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It is interesting to note that if you have someone like that next to you, you will never park in your life. This someone will be a reason for you to make an effort to constantly improve your life.

The best of all will be being able, even after so many years of living together, to refer to the person who was by your side as your great supporter and companion for so long. I myself have had the opportunity to meet many couples who, after so many years of living together, were grateful for having been the reason to fight for life in search of their ideals, even though their ideals and goals do not only contemplate the gathering of material goods.

So, make sure you choose the right person to be by your side. Decide, even if it is not an easy task, for someone who has a good personal structure to accompany you in good and bad times. At the same time, try to be the person who is worth it to the person next to you. It will be worth it, you will see.