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The importance of psychological support

It is estimated that if a patient and their family receive psychological support, the probability of prolonging life in the long term increases by up to 29%.

The experts in Psychology They can accompany the patient, the family and the medical team handling the case, providing guidance on decisions, assimilation of information, confirmation of diagnosis and continuation of treatments.

Being in a hospital could be an unpleasant experience and even more so for people who are receiving a less than encouraging diagnosis, this triggers a more complicated interpersonal environment with the family and the interdisciplinary team, because sometimes there is no psychological intervention to accompany the patient and the people who are around them.

It is estimated that if a patient and his family receive a psychological support increases the probability of prolonging life in the long term by up to 29% and make treatment more bearable in all its phases, and even more so if you are hospitalized.

Relationships influence our behavior, physical and emotional healthsince accompaniment helps to face the news that is given within the disease, reducing anguish and Anxiety until it prevents a Major Depression.

Psychosocial intervention should be from Pediatrics to Geriatrics. Also, accompaniment is recommended to medical personnel who is in charge of the treatment of all patients, because situations arise that are unexpected and the successful recovery of the patient is in his hands.

The family plays a fundamental role, since it is their responsibility to ensure that the patient continues his treatment to the letter, however, Within the family circle there are also feelings of hopelessness, sadness, fear, anguish and anxiety. to know what will happen in the future. For this reason, they must also be accompanied by experts such as Psychologists to focus on what the priorities are and only then provide support to the patient.

Benefits of psychological support

  • Helps assimilate information
  • Make reasoned decisions
  • Improve communication with the medical team
  • Manage Anxiety and Stress better
  • Increase assertive communication with the family
  • Provides guidance on hospitalization, surgical procedures, physical symptoms and psychological changes

Requesting psychological support should not be embarrassingOn the contrary, asking for support will provide the patient, the family and the medical team with the disease not being considered as something that will destroy, but rather as a new way to raise awareness to help the patient.

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