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The jeans that you won’t be able to take off this fall/winter season

Nobody wants summer to end, August is in its final stretch of summer, and that means the arrival of a new fall-winter season full of opportunities to renew your wardrobe. Jeans are a timeless basic, but trends change with the seasons and we don’t want you to miss any.

For the most daring, the shot low It returned this summer straight from the 2000s to fill all the shop windows. The classic cowboy skinnyhowever, does not seem to maintain its eternal fame this season, although many refuse to let it go, it must be admitted that the straight cut and the wide patterns These are the most popular jeans trends right now.

Can you take some jeans broken and go elegant? Which ones feel best? At MagasIN, we have carried out an exhaustive search and selection so that you can choose which will be your favorite garments this new season.

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    Mom Jeans

    The classic rival of skinny pants, since they are pants that are comfortable and elegant at the same time. Was the safe choice of our mothers in the 80s and 90s, hence its name. Her female court relaxes with more patterns oversizedthus claiming the importance of comfort without having to give up the flattering silhouettes of tight pants.

    The rise is usually high, but with the latest wave of the two-miler trend you can also find them in a medium rise. The only thing about these jeans is their relaxed leg ending in a narrower hema perfect detail to show off sophisticated shoes and achieve a look elegant.

    Among the most avant-garde trends in the collections Pre-Fall 2022, Diesel He added decorative stripes on the sides to the mom jeans, and Etro opted for a bohemian style also adding a vintage print on the sides of the design.


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    Wide Leg Jeans

    It is the favorite of many, especially shorter women, since it is a pattern that stylizes and lengthens the female figure. Its waist is high with the hips adjusted to the body, but with loose leg and straight hem.

    In summer, the bright colors in this garment triumphed, from green to the brightest pink, but the experts anticipate that this season it is the turn of the light wash tone. This more classic version generates a visual effect that focuses attention on the bottom of the pants, ideal for women with an inverted triangle silhouette.

    For fans of this type of cut, a less exaggerated option that continues to stylize as much as possible is the High Loose: a high rise that falls straight to the feet, but a little tighter to the leg this time.


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    Boyfriend Jeans

    Some jeans fresh from your boyfriend’s closet, that is the idea that gives life to this very trendy garment. Once again, the cut oversized and the comfort that accompanies it once again triumphs in an exorbitant way. They usually have a low rise and a loose adaptation to the shape of the legs.

    For many celebrities it has become the essential basis for creating their looks of street style during the last years. We have not stopped seeing combinations from a style casual with sneakers and a top, even one more elegant accompanied by heels stiletto and a romantic blouse.

    Of course, although we are used to seeing them in that slightly worn light blue that French women love so much, the truth is that they will be a guaranteed success in any color this season.


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    Skinny Jeans

    Do not panic, the time of the cigarette has not yet come to an end. It is true that wide-leg pants have swept the catwalk trends in recent years, but those who know the most about fashion refuse to say goodbye to good tight pants.

    The key to these pants is their versatilitythey are always at the end of your closet because they are the easy piece when you don’t know what to wear. Celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Eiza González or Kristen Stewart They continue betting on them.

    Its latest version is called Cigarettethey have the same length above the ankle but adapt to new styles being a bit looser, a straight silhouette, but without ceasing to mark the leg.


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    Cargo Jeans

    It is the last of the latest trends. The original version is in military greenbut it has been so successful among catwalks, celebrities and fashion experts that it is fighting to become the new essential jeans this fall.

    They are the easiest to recognize: extremely wide, with large side pockets and low rise Most of the time. The 2000s sneak back into these pants that you can combine with options such as cropped tops, fabrics such as knit or satin, and printed cotton t-shirts.

    It has become the uniform of streetstyle current, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for a more special occasion. If we have learned anything this season, it is that cargo pants allow for more combinations than you can imagine, and it seems that will continue to be the case this fall/winter.