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The key to happiness is building muscle

Those of us who practice sports enjoy the good feeling that remains after a workout thanks to the release of endorphinsalso known as happiness hormones.

Nowadays we have all heard about them at some point, but others, which we have not heard about as much, are the myokines and the hexokinase.

Without a doubt, walking is good, it is good for your health, but it is even better if we combine it with cardiovascular and strength exercises. The expert Dr. Soraya Casla He says it very clearly: “Beyond the endorphins that we release when performing any physical activity, in muscle mobilization it has been seen that a series of hormones, myokines and/or hexokinase are released, which have a globally beneficial impact on the body and health of people who practice sports.”

A couple exercises in a gym

“In addition, physical exercise is also related to better treatment of depression, since for different reasons it improves symptoms. These reasons, of course, are related to physical, hormonal, but also physiological and social factors. One of the most important parts of the exercise is that it is a comprehensive therapy and with a single intervention you can improve different dimensions of the human being, which makes it a very interesting therapy,” adds the expert in oncological physical exercise.

As sports practice increases, they feel more and more confident and that makes them adhere more to the exercise. Lastly, they also see a change in their body, they look better and that motivates them” explains Dr. Soraya Casla.

“Those of us who are dedicated to building muscle always knew that Depression is reduced as soon as you start to develop your body and increase strength. We interpret it as an increase in self-confidence, which is essential not only for elite athletes, but for anyone,” explains engineer Alexander Perez, developer of Wonder Medical, a technology for those who do not have time and seek to work on the six main muscle groups.

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