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The keys to turning your fine hair into great hair, in the words of experts

Although we cannot choose our hair type, it is possible to achieve the desired effect with an applied hair routine. In addition to adopt a good diet and constant sports practiceyou can have products that adapt to your needs.

Do you have thin hair? Maybe volume is your main objective. Discover how to take advantage of it by applying some basic advice from experts, without excessive expenses or waste of time.

Take care of the cut

Mónica Duque, director of Salón Seensayexplains to us that “the most important thing to ensure that fine hair gains body is to make an appropriate cut. We must opt ​​for whole cuts, in one piece and without layers, since these leave the hair even more impoverished.

The styles look very good bob, straight cuts and bangs. If we want a longer measurement, we can try the wavy long bobsince the waves add a lot of body.

In this case, we would work a gradient in the front part to create volumes, but the rest of the hair would remain in one piece, because we need it to have consistency. In short cuts, the pixie works great; “better with bangs and without parting to give a sensation of density in the upper area.”

Tips when combing your hair

“When styling, we seek to provide texture to the hair. However, We should try to work it as little as possible and, above all, without touching the scalp with our that the fat is not altered and the volume of the hairstyle is reduced.

It is best to first dry your hair with a hairdryer at minimum power and maximum temperature, and then apply dry styling products, such as volumizing powders or sprays.

They work very well because they provide a light brushed finish that lasts all day. Another trick for hair with a lot of hair but very fine is to dry it without first detangling,” says the expert.

Have allies

“In the hairdressing salon we have several treatment lines to thicken hair, with which clients are delighted because they quickly see the results.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that oxidation coloring even thins the hair more. For this reason, we work with vegan, organic and natural colorations.

Specific, What works best in these cases is natural coloring, that is, mud, since they leave the hair the same as the one we had when we were young.. The result is spectacular,” concludes Mónica Duque.

And the extensions?

They can be of great help, of course, as long as they guarantee a natural result. “If you like to see yourself with different looks and innovate, your ideal option is the removable extensions, which you can even take off and put on yourself without the help of an expert. These extensions are curtains hair that are woven and placed in specific areas of the hair depending on the needs or tastes of each person.

They are placed with small clamps that are hooked with a clip to the hair to achieve the desired result. Furthermore, we always look for a color identical to the hair so that No you can notice the difference” the experts at Isamar Studio explain to us.

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