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The latest treatment to eliminate the double chin and recover the facial oval

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The fatheryeseither of the years is reflected in the sagging of the lower area of ​​the face and, in most cases, in the appearance of a double chin. Besides, the facial oval is blurred and that perfect 90º angleformed by the jaw and neck, characteristic of youth.

TO this natural aging of lto area of ​​the face, adds the effect that specialists have agreed to call tech-neck that affects thirty-somethingsand that is none other than the appearance of a double chin at an early age, due to the constant use of mobile phones.

“The being all day handling the cell phone, causes the ligaments, specifically the cervico-facial ligaments, to distend and therefore, the jaw line is lost. We have begun to see it in the generations most addicted to mobile phones. and us ha allowgone analyze How sociological changes influence the aging of tissues, instead of the usual biological changes”, confirms Jesús Olivas Menayo, plastic surgeon at FEMM Clinic.

Women over 45 are concerned about their facial oval.

The head movement, which we perform hundreds of times a day to check the messages of WhatsAppthey advance several years the appearance of transverse wrinkles on the neck, and pronounced sagging of the area.

Spending all day using your cell phone causes the ligaments, specifically the cervico-facial ligaments, to stretch.

The skin of this perfect gap between the neck and jaw “loses elasticity over the years and, being less elastic, has greater sagging, presenting a less defined jaw line. Furthermore, from the age of 30, the body loses 1% of collagen each year, which results in more compliant tissues.”, assures the plastic surgery specialist.

Women over 45

And he adds that “there are many more concern among women aged 45 and older, than in men, who tend to worry after ten years. In any case, they are different skins. In their case, and due to shaving almost daily, the skin does not lose as much elasticity as in the woman. The continuous stimulation when passing the blade through the area produces an effect peeling in the most superficial layers.”

Although it has a genetic component and is usually the cross of overweight people. “This loss of definition of the cervico-facial angle also occursand it occurs in thin people that do not present so much accumulation of fat in the zonebut the loss of flaccidity of these tissues is the same,” says Olivas.

ANDl doctor proposes a very non-invasive technique, which many famous people have already undergone at the FEMM Clinic. Microlift is a minimally invasive lifting which is done through a combination of radio frequenciesand that requires only outpatient care.

Nothing invasive

The process, which lasts an hour and a half, requires local anesthesia. “Through incisions of about two millimeters, in five areas of the face: behind the earlobes, on the sideburns and under the chin, we introduce a radiofrequency cannula that acts at the level of deep fat and ligaments. that have fallen off the hook,” says Jesús.

Basically, it is the technique used to improve the ligaments of the joints, but applied to the facial and cervical ligaments, in order to contract them and rejuvenate these areas of the face.

“Once we introduce radiofrequency in deep tissues, we do another radiofrequency with help of needles in the most superficial layershence Let’s talk about combined radio frequencies. One in deep tissues and another in the superficial. In deep, is achieved contractsr the ligaments, and in the outer layers are rejuvenateEC the skin and HE ganto in elasticity, generating collagen”, concludes.

Regenerative medicine

He Double chin can occur for different reasons. Due to overweight, natural aging of the skin, but genetics also influences, since there are people who have congenitally shorter necks. or a shape of the mandibular arch that generates that double chin effect. And finally, youalso Fat accumulations can occur due to hypothyroidism or others diseases.

The plastic surgery specialist at the FEMM Clinic assures that there is no age limit for those who undergo Microlift. “The youngest patient we just treated is 21 years old. This is a person who does not have a well-defined jaw because with this technique, she not only works on the double chin, but on the entire lower third of the face. I draw a line from the corner of the mouth, to the top of the ear, and from there down., including the jaw and neck. “We treat the entire area with this protocol,” she confirms.

However, Olivas adds, “There are people in whom skin aging It is already very pronouncedand we would have to use more aggressive techniques. That is to say, We should apply classic surgical facelifts”.

With this type of treatments, certain areas of the body are stimulated, so that they themselves regenerate.

This surgery is regenerative medicine”says Jesús Olivas. And he adds: “This means that we we give different stimuli to the body, in this case through radio frequencies, but it is the body itself that has to be able to react. We have had cases in which the body has not reacted to these stimuli. It is not a classic technique in which we cut skin and stretch tissue…” he concludes.

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