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The layered haircut: this is how you get the most desired hairstyle this fall/winter

Autumn is the hair transition season par excellence. A key moment to implement treatments (pay attention to those that include collagen) but also less expected haircuts.

XXL hair is still the order of the day, although this fall it is also worth taking into account medium length hair, with an undoubted rejuvenating effect, and highlights, great allies when it comes to providing light to the face.

This season, they prevail the tones champagne and golden copper: “Warm and flattering tones are back for all skin types, being able to play with the intensity of the golden and copper nuances depending on the tone of the complexion that we want to frame.

He champagne “It stands out for being a blonde blended between pearly ash at the roots, and more beige and natural tones at the tips, translating into spectacular and sophisticated gradients,” highlights Ismael De Felipe from his eponymous salon in the Salamanca neighborhood (Calle Padilla, 74). The best known Californians or babylights They are another sure hit, both for light and darker hair.

Among all these trends, a key haircut stands out, layered. From MagasIN, we explain how to get it and show it off.

What is a layered haircut?

“The cut to layers It is a technique to achieve a scaled hair to different length levels In the same hair, depending on the type of layering, we can achieve different effects, give it shape to the hair and create different styles” explain the experts at Isamar Studio.

“This cut is especially seen on long hair, with the layer more short to bangs mode and giving more length in the rest of the layers. a perfect resource to bring about change to our manes. “This type of cut allows you to maintain the length but provide texture and movement.”

How to show it off?

He Bob

“The famous bob cut of the years 70s and 80s is fashionable and a classic. It can be round, or more pointed with the bangs more swept to give and highlight the face, it is ideal for rounder or diamond-shaped faces.

Numerous celebrities opted for him. This is the case of Emma Watson or Alexa Chung, who opted for an effect wavy rejuvenating effect.

The “butterfly effect” hair, for longer hair

“It is the best known and most fashionable weathering to shape to the hair and leave it loose, as if dismantled with layers much longer, a very versatile cut that makes hairstyles easy to do, whether straight, waves, curly. It gives extraordinary volume and frames the face with sweeping bangs.”

This hairstyle, popular in the 90s (Jennifer Aniston was, in fact, one of its ambassadors), returned with Elsa Hosk, among other celebrities.

“Mullet”, the most risky cut

“The cut mullet It is characterized by wearing both the bangs and the front sides of the hair shorter than the rest of the hair. That is, play with two hair length extensions. This cut is an ideal option sYo “You want to break with your usual classic cut, the asymmetrical style being perfect for the most non-conformist and daring.”

This cut, especially successful in the 70s, conquered celebrities such as Úrsula Corberó or Miley Cyrus.

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