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The millionaire dating app founded by a former Tinder member that gives women the power to choose

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Whitney Wolfe Herd, 31, is the creator of a successful “feminist” dating app, with more than 35 million users. Is about bumble, a platform that has reformed the rules of the game “to change the dynamics when it comes to flirting”, in which women are the ones who make the first step. That is, they are the ones who have to give the green light to the start of a conversation. As they explain on their website, the objective of this ’empowerment’ is to “fight against customs in heterosexual relationships that have become outdated.”

The app has turned Whitney Wolfe, born in Salt Lake City (USA), into one of the 100 richest self-made women and the youngest to achieve it, according to Forbes magazine. Her fortune reaches 1.3 billion dollars and she has been included in the world ranking of billionaires that the aforementioned publication revealed last week. She is one of the 328 women – out of a total of 2,755 – who are mentioned on the list. She is also a mother and rang the Nasdaq stock market bell with her eighteen month old baby in her arms.

The entrepreneur created Bumble in 2014. She had been one of the co-founders of Tinder, probably the most popular dating app. She was vice president of marketing for two years, but her time at the company ended in court. Wolfe reported being a victim of sexual harassment from his then boss and partner, Justin Mateen, after ending the relationship. He showed threatening messages in which the executive demanded explanations about his personal life: “You will regret this once your behavior has destroyed the tenderness I feel for you.”

The woman also stated that Mateen had called her “whore” and “gold digger”, among other insults. Tinder denied any corporate liability, but ended up settling the lawsuit with a million dollar compensation. The marketing director ended up resigning from his position. However, Wolfe experienced such online harassment that he had to delete his Twitter account.

In collaboration with the Russian billionaire Andrey Andreev, founder of the social network Badoo, Whitney Wolfe embarked on the launch of a new feminist and revolutionary dating app, which would avoid prejudices such as that men should be the ones to take the initiative. “I started thinking about what it feels like to be a young woman who dates boys and I realized how bad the situation was. and how painful it is,” he said then. “I realized how many days and nights I agonized because a man did not answer my messages.”

In a text published on the Bumble website, the businesswoman assures that “despite all the advances that women had made in the workplace and spheres of power, the gender dynamics of dating and the romance still seemed too outdated“. “When relationships are better for women, they are better for everyone,” is its main leitmotiv.

In their app only girls can start talking. The main difference with Tinder is that, once the match is achieved, the user has one day to start the conversation. If you don’t, the man will disappear from your chat list after 24 hours. The premium service allows you to prevent chats from expiring or recover them.

But searching for a partner is not the only function that Bumble makes available to its users. It can also be the scene for make new friends and expand your network of professional contacts. It is the successful reinvention of a young billionaire who took her first steps in entrepreneurship with charitable projects and who now also collaborates with social movements such as Black Lives Matter.

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