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The model Laura Sánchez revolutionizes the world of lingerie with her collection, now in El Corte Inglés

The Bloomers lingerie brand turns ten years old. Founded by model, actress and businesswoman Laura Sánchez remains faithful to the free and colorful spirit with which it was born in 2012. Now, the signature of swimweary beachwear celebrates it by putting Their collections are on sale at El Corte Inglés.

We spoke with its creative director and founder, Laura Sánchez, who explains why it emerged and the evolution in these ten years.

“It was born out of a personal need, since I couldn’t find the pattern or prints that I liked. I thought that like me, there would be many more women who couldn’t find that in the market. He was not born with a business thought, but with a more personal and romantic idea,” he explains to MagasIN.

Bloomers is the lingerie brand that Laura Sánchez has designed.

The new one collection features sweet and powdery colors, and with an original and exclusive design, made in natural viscose, which provides comfort and it adapts to every woman. It is versioned with the triangle bra and the matching culottes or string, with a seamless pattern and finished fabrics in satin or cotton sophisticated.

Intimy dispose of two collections: a so-called Blondethat says with elastic lace sets with the brand name and made in 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. The striped tricot and elastane waistband gives greater support and comfort to the set, providing unmatched comfort, and another Sport with sports sets of the brand and made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Its wide strap provides support and comfort.

The culotte is one of the fundamental pieces of the collection.

How would you define he Bloomers style and which woman is it aimed at?

It is a casual, positive and eclectic style. At first she was born only as a bloomers what is that culotte straight and hip, which flatters without equal thanks to its impeccable patternonly the bottom part to combine it with something you had at home, or simply not combine it.

And what woman is he addressing? Well, after these years I have realized that she addresses a very wide audience, from 18-20 to 55-60. We are addressing a woman who does not care how old she is, but she does have her own and very fun style.

How has the brand evolved over these 10 years?

The brand has evolved, above all, in fabric qualities. We have been innovating, testing, adding, as in these latest collections, the recycled fabric that I believe we have to have this commitment to the environment, and it has been evolving, above all, in bathrooms and intimates.

We have had complete collections of swimsuits, bikinis, underwear, beach dresses and tunics. We have made a collection with practically everything a woman needs to go to the beach: from bags, to toiletry bags, to hats, sandals and dresses. We have dressed the woman for her vacation.

What has the agreement with El Corte Inglés meant for you?

A big step, a big step up. I believe that being in El Corte Inglés provides visibility that we did not have before. It provides us with the seriousness we need for international sales. El Corte Inglés is a great bet and I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Within Intimy, the Blonda collection, is a collection in which we like to show our underwear. They are airy garments, which have a wider armhole and the side of the bra is visible. How nice, that with movement, a woman can show her bra and that she feels proud of it! And the Sport collection, as its name indicates, is made with a much more technical fabric, and is more comfortable underwear for sports. I think the two complement each other very well.

Are you working in new pieces, Tell us something new.

At Bloomers I decided a long time ago to integrate some new pattern into each collection, but always develop the patterns that already exist. I am a person who, when I like a garment, and then I am going to buy it again, having it removed from the market is something I hate. And I don’t want that to happen to my brand.

They can change color, they can change print, but we are not going to change the pattern. We are always going to develop it. This year there is something new, and we will continue to evolve in fabrics and prints.

Intimy is made up of two collections, one sporty and the other comfortable.

How has women’s lingerie evolved in recent years?

Now let’s go more to comfort. Perhaps we have also all diversified more and have lingerie for sports and other lingerie for our daily lives. I think that women have realized that they want to dress as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. We like to take care of ourselves and she has evolved about all that, comfort.

We have stopped being corseted. I think it was time to remove those padding, those hoops, those whales that can be put on at specific times for different garments that need it, but for your daily life, I think Bloomers is an option.

The main objective is to feel good about yourself. I always say that in winter, when you undress, after a long day of work, you look in the mirror, and you see that you are very well dressed inside, that you have those clothes that are for you, that there is no need to show them, that You have to take care of yourself…

What are your next projects?

I have projects as a model, which we are already closing all the dates for this quarter. Later, with my company we have many events and we are very immersed in them.

How do you take care of yourself to get in shape?

Well yes, I do a lot of sports, but I don’t do it so much to stay in shape, but because I feel very good. Besides, that is my moment, my daily gift, a time of exercise. I do everything from functional training to yoga or ballet fit, which is a discipline that I have gotten hooked on in the last year and dancing seems very healthy to me.

You have a very natural image. How do you take care of your skin?

MaintainI have a discipline and a routine at home morning and night, but also, once a month I go to see my great teacher as I call her, Cristina Galmiche, who has a center in Madrid and Malaga, she is the one who provides oxygenation, hygiene and leaves my skin juicy and clean.

lThe brand promotion images are yours. Are you your best brand image?

I think that one day I will stop being the brand image or the I will share. But right now I think my Clients feel identified seeing me there and I feel happy showing all my little girls, as I tell them, all my clothes from each collection.

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