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The most comfortable and beautiful sandals for this summer

With summer just around the corner it is time to give way to the best looks as a guest and at events, but also to beach days, vacations and of course…

Also at sandals. One of the key shoes every summer capable of providing style and comfort in equal parts, and which this season we suggest you wear without forgetting the latest trends and opting for some of the most beautiful designs.

Designs that you can already find in the majority of new collections from brands such as Zara, Cortefiel, SlowLove or Women’secret, among others and among which we have chosen the more comfortable and stylish models to wear this summer 2022.

Keep scrolling to discover the best models of flat, high-heeled and wedge sandals that you can wear in the coming months of June, July and August. What are your favorites?

The most comfortable and beautiful sandals for this summer:

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    Padded leather sandals (Zara, 29.95 euros).

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    Flat gold strap sandal (Zara, 29.95 euros).

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    Medium-heeled and strappy sandals (Zara, 35.95 euros).

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    Sandals with studs and buckles (Slowlove, 69.99 euros).

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    ‘Vivian’ model sandals (Slowlove, 34.99 euros).

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    Raffia Menorcan shoes (Cortefiel, 49.99 euros).

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    Classic wedge sandals (Cortefiel, 69.99 euros).

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    Strappy sandals with snake print and low heel (Cortefiel, 49.99 euros).

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    Cross sandals with floral print (Women’Secret, 12.99 euros).

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    Sandals with knotted and printed design (Women’Secret, 20.99 euros).

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    Brown sandals with a bow design (Women’Secret, 15.99 euros).