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The most famous stores on Instagram have discounts for Black Friday

Black Friday kicks off the Christmas shopping season with significant discounts on many brands and, how could it be otherwise, the stores on-linewhose main advertising and marketing platforms are social networks, have joined.

Some cosmetics, footwear, fashion and accessories brands have implemented discounts of up to 60% on their items, which represents a perfect opportunity to take advantage and buy all those products that are always in the wish list but that, due to its price, we ended up not buying.

There are many stores that receive great support on social networks. Some are maintained, in part, thanks to the promotion of their products by influencers and other public figures.

Business on-line and Instagram are on the rise. Social networks have served to promote small brands that, little by little, are no longer so small.

Discounts in famous stores on social networks

We present to you some famous online stores that have applied discounts to their collections. Many have extended Black Friday and turned it into Black Week, with discounts throughout the week. You don’t want to let them pass.


Olistic Science

It is a brand specialized in hair care that offers a pioneering treatment that unites science and nature to promote hair well-being by improving your overall health.

It is one of the most sought after treatments of the moment, especially for those who suffer from recurrent breakage and hair loss. With your code BLACK30 you will have a 30% discount on your treatments.

Freshly Cosmetics

The natural cosmetics brand and cruelty free favorite of the influencers It also has significant discounts on its items. She is famous for her innovative formulas made with natural and sustainable ingredients.

Some have a discount of up to 50%, while others have 45% if the purchase is more than 69 euros. Anyway, all products have a minimum of 30% discount.



This unisex urban clothing store stands out for its offer of original sweatshirts and t-shirts. She is famous on social networks thanks to the support of influencers and the continued work it has carried out since 2018, the year it was founded. They have discounts of up to 50% on their items.


Following the line of the previous proposal, EME is another clothing brand recognized on networks that stands out for its offer of creative sweatshirts and t-shirts for women and men.

On the occasion of Black Friday they have an innovative proposal that they have called BlackReal, which includes a series of discounts that are offered every day at different times during this week.


The Barcelona fashion brand has been echoed on social networks for its innovative designs, which stand out for their personality, a factor that differentiates them from other brands. They have discounts of up to 30% on their new items and 25% on their archive sales. You can get clothes for every occasion at the best price.


The French brand has also joined Black Friday in its Mid-Season Sale with up to 40% discount on your items. You can buy bags, pants, dresses and sweaters at reduced prices through their website.


MIM Shoes

This store on-line The shoe department has options for sneakers, occasion shoes, boots, ankle boots and many more. They have included the biggest discounts in their history throughout the website, with discounts of up to 50% on some of their products.

You can get ahead of Black Friday by accessing the discounts today by entering your email.



This is a jewelry brand specialized in minimalist and modern watches. They have a wide offering that includes watches, straps of different colors and also several collections of jewelry made with stainless steel among other materials.

Cluse has discounts of up to 60% on select items all week long.

Maria Pascual

The María Pascual jewelry brand invites you to get your Christmas gifts in advance with a 30% discount on all its products for Black Friday, including best sellers.

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