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The ‘Multiple Orgasm’ from Nars that will illuminate your face and highlight your beauty

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There’s a blush of the firm that the experts handle to perfection and that is called ‘Orgasm’. With an indicative price of 18 euros, joins the Kryolan concealer that is a hit among makeup artists and has an affordable cost, also guaranteeing excellent results as a cheek color. It is one of the most popular products from the cosmetics house that has a complete collection called ‘Orgasm’.

“The tone with which it all started. Awaken all your senses with a homage to the iconic peachy pink shade, Orgasm”Nars announces on its website.

The color of Orgasm favors different skin tones and they say that women who get used to having an orgasm on their lips, on their cheeks or throughout their body if it is multiple, become firmly convinced of the use of this sensual line. but natural and elegant. It is a peach pink with a golden translucent background.

Nars ‘The Orgasm’ blush.

The ‘multiple orgasm’

In addition to the aforementioned blushhave a lip gloss and a highlighter, although the star of the collection is ‘The Multiple’.

Orgasm, The Multiple, It is a multipurpose cream bar that turns into powder upon contact with the skin. Its indicative retail price is 42 euros. The suggestive name is given by its multipurpose condition, since it can be applied to the eyes, cheeks, lips and body and performs multiple functions. functions like blushilluminating, refining and beautifying of the skin.

Despite the popularity of The Multiple Orgasm, it is available on other tones such as Copacabana, G-Spot, Luxor, Maui, Na Pali Coast, Portofino, Puerto Vallarta (in tangerine color, so fashionable in the next season), Riviera and South Beach.

François Nars was inspired for its creation in a photo session of Harper’s Bazaar 1996, and has managed to preserve with The Multiple the standard of the essence of beauty, which has remained unchanged since the birth of the product. In that session, with the basic material of a lip makeup stick she achieved impressive monochrome makeup on lips, eyes, cheeks and lips.

He look Carolyn Murphy’s monochrome dress became an icon enhanced by the supermodel who wore it. For this reason, Nars launched The Multiple, the product with which each and every one of us can develop our creativity or navigate the thousands of possibilities for self-expression of this multipurpose makeup bar.

With a single product you create touches of shine, you can redefine or illuminate all skin types with dynamic sparkles. It is easy to apply, its finish is natural and light and the effect is not greasy.

With all these indications, who can resist an orgasm?

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