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The muses that inspired Palomo Spain: which women has he dressed in his successful career

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Few fashion designers can boast of having collaborated with internationally famous women in our country. Palomo Spain, the Spanish couturier’s signature, is one of them. After learning the latest news about his collaboration with Chanelthe singer who will represent Spain in Eurovision, the Cordoban native has managed to add one more name to the exceptional list of personalities he has dressed.

The news was announced just two weeks ago, at a press conference held days before the artist headed to Turin, the official venue for the final of the European festival. “It’s been very intense. We didn’t sleep last night. The entire team is involved and we are very happy to be part of this exciting project.which this year is even more so, because we have the energy that something good is going to happen,” were the designer’s words.

With a good result or not, what is clear is that Chanel will shine in that final with the suit designed by Palomo Spain. 50,000 hand-sewn Swarovski crystals They are the protagonists of a costume that draws on Spanish traditions to reinvent the bullfighting jacket. This, along with a lycra jumpsuit with openings and studded shoulder pads, will help the artist in her big performance.

In a video posted on the RTVE website, the designer explained the design, created in his workshop in Posadas, Córdoba: “It has been a spectacular job by my entire team and we have worked thousands of hours. Even my mother and my aunt have sewn crystals!” In it, Alejandro Gómez Palomo has recognized that bullfighting has been a clear inspiration for the creation process.

The representative has been very grateful for the couturier’s work: “It is super comfortable, I feel great in it,” said the Cuban-Spanish artist in statements to TVE.

Palomo’s muses

The work of Alejandro Gómez Palomo with Chanel has been the latest to join a career marked by great collaborations. Beyoncé, Madonna, Rosalía and Miley Cyrus They are some of the personalities who have worn the designs of the Spanish brand. Women who have helped internationalize this brand with suits sewn directly from the couturier’s workshop in his hometown, in Córdoba.

The first of these great collaborations came in 2017, when the singer Miley Cyrus premiered the video clip of single ‘Malibu’. Among the outfits that the artist wore in this video, we find a top chiffon with hand-embroidered crystals from a Palomo Spain collection.

As EFE reported, months before the premiere of this video clip, The singer followed the designer on her Instagram profile and at the same time, her stylist contacted him directly to point out that the artist was a follower of her designs. This is how she got the firm to start collaborating with international artists.

That same year, shortly after, the man from Cordoba surprised himself when he saw that Beyonce, one of the best-known faces on the international music scene, wore clothes designed by him for the grand pose that announced the pregnancy of the twins.

As explained to the Divinity website, these designs were created exclusively for the singer. “Your stylist contacted us confidentially by email and he asked us for a few clothes for something he had to go to. We sent you several. And when they returned it, because these things are normally returned, they asked us for a personalized order and they sent us their measurements and what they wanted,” he declared.

And it is that, one celebrity How Beyoncé wears your designs for an occasion as special as the announcement of a pregnancy, with the impact that an image like that has, is a unique fact that not everyone can put on their resume.

But, in this list of big names, there is also a place for Spanish artists. Rosalia She is one of the great muses of Palomo Spain. Already in her great performance on the Red Bull stage in 2018 she was dressed in the Spanish brand. With a bodysuit red lace and rhinestones, full of ruffles, the singer shone thanks to this look.

Later, in 2019, he returned to wearing the brand’s designs in the video clip of the single ‘A Palé’. A new collaboration that added to that of Madonna from that same year, who wore a dressing gown designed by Alejandro Gómez Palomo for the video of his song with the singer Maluma.

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