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The perfect gloves for your guest look: the fabric, the length and the color

In the cinema, they were immortalized by Rita Hayworth in the film Gilda. Today, gloves once again occupy the space among the fashion accessories that they once lost, and begin to take a position in any self-respecting event guest look.

We know the importance and ability of accessories to transform a dress, and make a difference. Shoes, bags, headdresses and jewelry are the most used to raise the outfit. The gloves join this winning team. Of course, to wear them correctly, you must always take into account what the protocol dictates for guest gloves for events and ceremonies.

This is what you need to know before opting for a specific model.

How long should they be?

We always apply the law of inverse proportion, that is, The shorter the sleeve of the dress, the longer the glove should be and vice versa. There is an ideal middle point, which is none other than wearing a French sleeve with a three-quarter glove. If it is a winter wedding and the dress has long sleeves, short gloves are ideal, but if the dress has straps, choose long gloves.

The most popular are the long gloves, the three-quarter gloves that reach a little before the elbow and the short ones that reach the wrist.

How do they combine with other accessories?

Protocol dictates that whenever gloves are worn in a ceremony it is advisable to wear a headdress. But they can also be combined with stoles, earrings or French sleeve capes. In any case, it is advisable not to oversaturate the look with many accessories. In these cases, less is more.

Can you use them all year round?

Although at first it may seem that it is an accessory only and exclusive for the cold months, the truth is that they can and should also be used in spring and summer when temperatures rise. The difference will be in the fabrics. While in the hot months you can use lace, tulle, crochet or satin… in autumn and winter it is advisable to use velvet, suede or leather because they are warmer.

What color gloves do I use?

Once again we turn to the protocol to serve as a guide and in this case, it is advisable to wear them in a tone similar to the shades of the dress or suit, and the rest of the accessories. This is what the norm dictates, however, the outfit As a guest, you can earn many points by increasing the color of these accessories: purple, blue, red…

When should they be worn?

Gloves They are only worn outside. If you are going to greet other guests, it is important to remove the glove from your right hand and hold it next to your bag with your gloved left hand. If they are very long gloves, it is not necessary to take them off. During the banquet they must be removed and kept in the handbag.

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