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The perfect kit for tea lovers: 10 keys to completing yours and making gifts

There is no end to the ‘perfect teapot’ kit. There would be as many articles as we wanted to incorporate. We have made a selection so you can choose your favorites and have ideas to make someone else happy with a gift inspired by their passion for tea.

We start with the least necessary, but with the gift that any lover of this infusion would dream of.

1. Electric kettle: the famous kettel

There are kettles for all budgets and needs. We have selected three for you.

Two of them are in the same price range and range between 25 and 30 euros: they are the WMF Etelio and the Bonsenkitchenwhich allows you to select the temperature and maintains heat.

But if we talk to you about the kettel Rolls-Royce, we opted for the SMEG, with that sophisticated and retro air that will also serve as a decoration element in any kitchen. It is available in a wide range of colors: light blue, cream, black, red…

Sometimes, you can find some offers from 125 euros although their price is usually a little higher.

2. Milk frother

The sophistication of cappuccino reaches American tea and milk tea (especially for the matcha lattehe chai latte and the hojicha latte. It is a simple element that turns the way of serving into something much more refined.

Vaporizers are much more professional and the foam is better and more pleasant to look at and taste.

However, for reasons of space and price, there is also the manual version, with two advantages such as its lower price and the little space it takes up.

3. Tea filters

Tea racks and strainers make exceptional gifts for tea fans.

As you delve deeper into this passion, you discover a special enjoyment in tasting this raw material, but also in its conservation and in the way of taking the infusion.

The larger the strainer, the better flavor it gives to the infusion: the leaves remain more extended and their essence permeates the water better.

In this accessory, size does matter. Both the large surface and the small holes so that the infusion does not contain remains of the leaves.

It is an economical and charming gift, which you can find in such different forms that several models could adapt to the personality of the recipient.

Not many years ago, the variety was much less. The most common thing was to find the spherical mesh filter. Today, the range is much broader and styles ranging from the most original to the most classic, are found in materials as diverse as silicone and stainless steel.

What’s more, the use of disposable paper or mesh filters is becoming common. This allows you to prepare your own mixtures, making a splash of creativity.

For those addicted to ‘healthy‘It is a fabulous gift and in fact, it became a trend to give advent calendars with bags that replace chocolate or prepare iced tea with the special seal of the house to offer as a different welcome infusion.

4. Cast iron teapots or candle warmers

Those who enjoy a cup of tea as part of a routine often enjoy a second on occasion. It is much more pleasant to keep it warm than to repeat the preparation of the infusion twice.

There are teapot warmers that keep warm with a small candle.

It is an economical and simple gift, although like almost everything, you can find them in various qualities and prices.

Another way to maintain the heat for the second cup is to use a cast iron teapot, with the size adapted to the number of people who will enjoy the infusion.

5. Selection of teas and wooden boxes

An original and different gift is the box of teas with different kinds and flavors.

Those who enjoy a cup of packaged tea as part of a routine consider one of these cases a treasure. The traditional houses considered as English tea references knew this and, in their day, they became popular and became a gift that was a sure hit for those of Fortnum & Mason.

The combination of turquoise Tiffany’s which is the same F&M flagship color with wood continues to delight many tea lovers.

Even so, for more reasonable prices you can find very desirable selections of teas. Halfway between the two, we love the selection of teas that El Corte Inglés sells in the ‘gourmet’ section in simple but elegant cases.

6. A kit within the kit: what you need for the Japanese tea ceremony

At MagasIN we love white tea. For a reason, it is known as the one of beauty, the one of the emperors… we love it.

Oriental infusion pieces sets are a perfect gift to give yourself or to make someone happy. There are expensive and cheap, simple and more complete… You will surely find the one that fits your needs.

Of course, it’s not just for white. We like to tell you our preferences and make suggestions for you to try other flavors.

7. Tea cans

A pretty tea tin is a precious object. In fact, it is treated as iconic and many designer firms and some artisans have used them in their larger formats to make furniture and decorative elements, such as table lamps.

In all its sizes and all its options they open up a spectrum that adapts to the magnitude of the gift you want to give and your budget.

MagasIn Trick: Recycle your wonderful tea can if it is large in size to store your intimate hygiene products. Tampons and pads take on another dimension and your bathroom will be more elegant if you use these cans as a decorative and practical element. If you don’t have one of these, the special edition bottles of champagne, vodka, whiskey or gin are also very appropriate.

8. Glass infuser bottles

Tea experts know that the infusion can change flavor and color when it comes into contact with some materials. Therefore, they will especially value a glass bottle to make iced green tea and keep it fresh.

9. Teapot and Cup Tower

Coming almost to the end of the list, one of the most successful options could not be missing due to its beauty and practicality.

The main ceramic and porcelain companies have expanded their offerings of teapots that fit over the cup, forming a harmonious and beautiful object.

The most affordable brands have also manufactured them with beautiful designs. With this detail you guarantee success.

You can find them personalized with names or initials or even have them hand-painted.

10. The thousand and one cups

In case we have not convinced you with our most suggestive proposals, we return to the essentials.

A cup of tea (or several) has always been a special gift, but increasingly, ‘diversity’ offers you the possibility of surprising by giving one.

You can choose between different options, traditional and cool, sophisticated and rustic… but you will almost always be right, because each moment can be enjoyed differently with a different cup.

And you already know: transparent glass, the kind you can transport without spilling the tea, the ones with a lid and filter, the classic ones, the antique ones or the typical mug.