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The perfect mid-season dresses for a spring guest look

The countdown to the wedding season in Spain and with it also spring and classic mid-season looks. Therefore, the countdown to finding that dress or look perfect guest for halftime and with which to hit the mark at those spring weddings, baptisms, communions and other events that we have had on the calendar for months.

Precisely to inspire you and to prevent you from leaving the choice of the guest dress to the last minute, this time we have grouped some of the trends in guest dresses that will be seen the most in this new season. A spring in which there will be no shortage of long, short or midi dresses and in which prints, fringes, satin fabrics and of course summer pieces mixed with clothes and accessories more typical of mid-season will triumph. Take a look at the trends that you won’t get tired of seeing this spring and choose the option that best suits your tastes and style. Which one do you prefer?

The perfect mid-season dresses for a look as a guest in spring:

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    Fringes and satin fabrics

    Satin fabrics, tulle, silk or pleated dresses will be the star in most spring seasons. looks as a guest Something that has already been told to us looks’street style of the Fashion Weeks and this season the fringed details will also be incorporated, another star element that will star in the upcoming events. I bet you dresses or simple pieces like the design chosen by the influencer Leonie Hanne and provides that differentiating and daring touch with the accessories to achieve an outstanding style.

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    Spring prints

    Like every spring the prints will return conquer the majority looks as a guest. Another essential every spring with which you will always be able to succeed at any event. Dare with pastel colors and even light purple how do you do with this look guest styling expert Sandra Majada.

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    Handkerchief dresses

    Handkerchief dresses will also return to our closets and to spring events. A type of dress that can also become the look ideal guest with the right accessories and colors. The Spanish influencer Alexandra Pereira recently achieved it with this long-sleeved model with a matching scarf included, from Fendi in orange, white and pink.

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    Sequins also during the day

    The lovers of glitter and sequins They are in luck because this time, they will not only sneak into the classics looks at night, but They will also conquer the looks for day events. It doesn’t matter if you integrate them into your accessories, into a blouse, skirt or dress.. So this spring don’t hesitate to try out dresses with the most daring shine during the day. A good alternative to face halftime without losing a bit of glamor is the option also proposed by the influencer Leonie Hanne with this look of a sequin dress combined with a blazer oversize and belt with mini bag.

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    Everything in red

    As with the classic look ‘total black’, Red has always been and will be one of those great allies to get it right in any look of a guest who comes forward. A color that never goes out of style and with which you will always get that ten-of-a-kind spring guest look.. Something that actress Paula Echevarría recently demonstrated with this elegant red midi dress, satin fabric and ruffle detail with opening.

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    Pastel colors

    The looks as a guest with pastel colors They will also be a trend at most events, weddings and communions. A classic that returns every spring and with which you will also ensure the looks more elegant and delicate. Also dare with puffed sleeves and eye-catching prints, as achieved with this lookthe also Spanish influencer, María Fernández Rubíes.