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The ‘podcasts’ of women that you cannot miss

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The new formula for success In the world of radio they are the podcasts. The quality offered by this new format, with content that is attractive to the audience, makes these programs an increasingly chosen alternative. The great accessibility that these provide, being able to listen to these on a multitude of platforms, such as Spotify, iVoox or Podimoand the closeness that its protagonists transmit, cause this great increase in the followers of these programs.

As in all sectors, the inclusion of women in this new formula has not been easy. Many of these podcasts They began in the media themselves, presenting informative and rigorous programs. Fortunately, more and more options have been appearing. led by women. MagasIN brings you a list of podcasts who are succeeding right now.

1. ‘Stretching the gum’

Presented by Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martínthis program can now afford to say that it has won a Waves award in the 2021 edition of these awards. This is a podcast comedy that was born in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. In its first programs, the episodes were recorded in the house of one of the presenters, with a set simple recording. Now in its second season, the network podcast, ‘Podium Podcast’hosted the program of the influencers.

As indicated on their website: “Stretching the gum is a comedy podcast that arises from Victoria and Carolina’s need to talk about all the things that upset them. Every week, different profiles of women visit this program to talk about a specific topic.

2. ‘We will come out better’

This is one of the podcast most recent. Inés Hernand and Nerea Pérez de las Heras They come together in this project, created in the last months of last year, to carry out a weekly review of current affairs. With a structure that mixes the informative with the informal, the presenters begin each episode with a ‘news carousel’ that summarizes the most up-to-date news.

In the last week, the new chapter has received its first guest: Monica Garcia. The policy of Más Madrid analyzes with the presenters the problems of primary care in the Community of Madrid.

3. ‘Two very legal blondes’

The comedian Hayfield Álvarez and the illustrator Raquel Córcoles, better known as Modern Villagethey release a new podcast which can be listened to exclusively in the app We could. In a humorous tone, these two women chat about different topics with various guests. The key is to focus on those issues that concern millennials nowadays.

To turn this space into an everyday one, the program mixes this talk with regular collaborators and audios that they send to the presenters, who have declared themselves very excited about this project: “We have been preparing this podcast for months with tremendous enthusiasm. It comes out tomorrow and we hope you enjoy it and enjoy it, otherwise I will shit on everything because it would mean that I was left without a Christmas vacation in vain. Don’t do that to me,” Henar comments on his Instagram account.

4. ‘My neighbor’s patio’

Behind this podcast we find the journalist The Forte. As indicated on its website, this program has received more than 100 guests. Among them, we can find famous names such as those of Toni Acosta or Anne Igartiburu. Is the second podcast most listened to in our country created by a woman according to Spotify. In addition to this, every week it is among the most listened to programs on the Podimo app.

This program aims to be a comfortable place to debate topics of all kinds and this is what its author declares: “Mi Patio de Vecinas is that place where you sit comfortably and chat about life. Without fuss, without posturing, without squeamishness or decorum. Like when you turn off the bedside light. Here one comes to mourn what is one’s own and to be.”

5. “They chat alone”

Sol Aguirreauthor of the humorous blog for women “The Treble Clefs” and Leire Larrañagaexpert in digital marketing, offer us their own podcast. In it, these two women chat about various current topics: from the stereotypes that the most famous series leave us with to the importance of mental health.

Available on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast or Podimo, the reflections of each program are combined with the anecdotes of the presenters.

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