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The real Miss Dior: Catherine, the unknown sister and muse of the designer

He claimed Christian Dior that, for a great perfume to be born, people who wore it must first exist. Miss Dior He used to have a very special neck and wrists, before those of Natalie Portman, rounded and soft, resistant to pain and always firm, even before the unexpected warlike second half of the 20th century arrived. They were specifically from the beloved little sister of the designer who created it, Catherine Diorthe authentic “Miss Dior”.

in his book Miss Dior (Faber and Faber, 2021), the journalist from Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Sunday Times, Justine Picardieafter accessing a large number of family archives, explains how the sister of the best-known designer of the 20th centuryChristian Dior, the inventor of the new style, was his personal weakness throughout his life and became a true inspiration for him.

Catherine was twelve years younger than the famous designer. He was born in 1905, the second child of a wealthy family. She was the youngest of that family of five siblings and had always exercised that status of ask soeura girl “spoiled” by her brothers.

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