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The revolution of the menstrual cup for girls: shorter to preserve modesty and hymen

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Many women talk about the menstrual cup as a revolution not only ecological but also in the relationship they maintain with their rule. There is less risk of staining, it does not bother, it is more hygienic than compresses, it does not cause stinging… and, above all, many medical studies assure that it prevents some diseases such as candidiasis either cystitis.

Therefore, the new generations could not be left behind in that revolution and Enna has decided to launch a kit for the initiation of girls and adolescents in the use of the menstrual cup from its first periods with several specificities and a careful design that respects its age and physiognomy.

“The launch is indicated for girls in their first menstruations, from 10 to 15 yearsso a shorter cup is included, to start with that, and then a regular cup size S, along with an applicator, in case you don’t want to get stained, and a moisturizing gel for the first time, to facilitate entry“, Explain Dolors Lopezdirector of Enna.

The brand saw that, in Spain, there were some 100,000 girls and adolescents in their first periods who could use the cup and no product on the market that was designed specifically for them. “We to make the menstrual cup for teenage girls We think a lot about the issue of virginity and the issue of modesty. that they have when using it,” says López.

The two glasses included in the Enna kit for girls and teenagers.

In fact, it was included a much shorter initial glass in the kit, to prevent the hymen from breaking because there are religions, cultures or ways of thinking where the hymen continues to demonstrate virginity and the issue is important. “Although you can never guarantee 100% that it will not break. because there are girls with a more sensitive hymen and it does not break with either the cup or a tampax and others in whom the membrane is more rigid and breaks without further ado.”

According to studies carried out by the brand, the reasons why these girls and their mothers choose the menstrual cup are different but complementary: “What matters most to most girls is the topic not to stain and their mothers, that of health which are the two main reasons why a person buys a menstrual cup,” explains the director of Enna.

Dolors López lists “the benefits that the cup can have as the least dryness compared to other methodsin addition to avoid allergies to certain fabrics or whitening substances that are used in other ways” since the Enna cup does not include a single chemical product.

But there is also medical literature that, according to Enna, establishes that the cup reduces the risk of candidiasis“which is still a fungal infection and there are products that by keeping the vulvar area moist help to proliferate fungi that are prevented with the cup” but also the risk of bacterial vaginosis and cystitis.

“In cystitis there is a transfer of E.coli from the anal to the vaginal route, either due to the support of the compress or the physical support of a product that is comfortable for the bacteria and the cup prevents this,” explains López. .

A lot of information

What they were clear about with the brand was that the first cup to be put on the market for girls and teenagers They had to provide all the information possible both for the mother, who is the one who guides these girls, and for the users.

“Obviously, It is easier to explain how to use the pad than how to insert something into your vagina.. That’s why inside the box there is a leaflet with many questions and many doubts that we have raised as a small consultation: do I have to leave the cup to sleep, how do I put the cup on, do I have to wash it every time, can it break the hymen? …lots of questions so that moms and teens feel more informed about a method that is new and unknown.”

Even Enna wanted It is always sold in pharmacies because the pharmacist can also help to advise the mother when choosing or not to use this method for her daughter’s menstruation.

The idea of ​​including another normal cup size S is that, when the girl has the practice of using it without problems, I can now take the second step: “A young girl with a strong pelvic floor, You have to have a smaller cup because a large one would not fit well, it would be wrinkled and would not collect the flow. But you have to keep in mind that if you have a heavy menstrual flow, the cup must be changed more often,” clarifies the director of Enna.

Dolors López warns that The size of the menstrual cup has more to do with the girl’s physiognomy or the woman who with the amount of flow with which menstruations usually come. “It is very important that the cup fits perfectly.”

Another aspect of the kit that has been tried to adapt to the young age of its users is the color of the glasses, pink. “It was chosen for two reasons. The first is because when you have your period and you are young or new to the cup you are very impressed by the color of the blood, which in the end is something yours. If it was transparent, we had done consumer tests and it was shocking among the users. That’s why we tried to make a color that wasn’t red but that when you saw the stained glass it wouldn’t be unpleasant.”

The second reason, more supportive, is that Enna collaborates with the Spanish Association against Cancer and I wanted to wink at that pink of the fight against women’s cancer, a kind of pink ribbon.

Although the main users of the cup in Spain are women between 30 and 33 years old, Enna believes that The benefits of this product will also reach girls who enter the world of menstruation thanks to the comfort and security that the cup provides. “In fact, it was one of the things we saw these teenage girls looking for on the topic of periods.”

The brand warns that it is not harmful to the user and that it is very durable, since with sterilization in the microwave, thanks to the glass that is also included in the pack, could accompany the teenager until her next 10 years.

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