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The solution for extreme cold in your feet for less than three euros

A few weeks ago, we showed you the trick of influencers, actresses and celebrities to wear light clothing in places with low temperatures. Since then, many MagasIn readers have contacted us celebrating your discovery.

Today we take a step further, presenting to you the warming insoles for when you travel to places with extreme cold or need to maintain heat in your feet that will serve the rest of your body.

These are thermal pads in the form of insoles that are placed between the sock and the shoe and guarantee a minimum of 8 hours with heat in the feet.

Although there are various models on the market, those from ThermaCare, one of the most marketed, have iron powder, water, salt, activated carbon and vermiculite in their composition.

Its design is discreet, they are very thin anatomical pads that do not bother and can be used with any type of footwear, without being barely noticeable. It can be worn with high heels, ankle boots and boots, men’s shoes and even ski boots.

They do not need electricity to heat

The discomfort that the cold makes us feel can be limiting and when we talk about extreme temperatures it can have impacts on our health. These warm insoles keep an average temperature of 39°C for 8 hours. No electricity, boiling or heating of the heating pads is required. The only requirement is to fix them with adhesive to the sole of the shoe and then step on them with suitable socks.

After opening the packaging, the templates They heat up in a few minutes upon contact with oxygen. The smooth surface is the one that should be in contact with the shoe. With that simple gesture, we will be prepared for long walks on icy days, for winter and snow sports, to attend sports in stadiums and outdoor courts or to visit cities with lower temperatures than what our bodies are accustomed to.

Goodbye to the cold

Many moments are stored in everyone’s memory that we did not fully enjoy due to the feeling of cold and others in which we felt our feet were frozen. These articles They are not for daily usebut they will be of great help to save those types of situations.

And for extreme cold situations thermal patches can be combined for the back that we talked about in the link that we included in this article with the use of these templates.

At MagasIn we know that many of our readers are cold and we try to find solutions for days of snow or unbearable cold. Another day we will talk to you about hand warming devices.

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