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The Spanish surfer, Lucía Martiño, who has competed all over the world: “I can spend 8 hours in the water”

If we saw the mane of Lucia Martiño Without knowing her, we could think that her style highlights surfer They are the result of the impeccable work of a professional. However, they are the consequence of the hours and hours he spends at sea on his board.

The 29-year-old Asturian is one of the best surfers in Spain, although she started, as she tells us, “late“. She has been national champion on several occasions and has been in the European ‘top 3’. In addition, she recently participated in the QS world circuit of the World Surf League, in which she has been within the ‘top 45’.

But beyond sports, Lucía Mariño loves fashion and is excited to have become an ambassador for Springfield for the next spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons.

But how did it all start?

Playing among the waves

As a child she spent a lot of time near the sea, on a beach with her family and friends. She remembers that in the summer she spent the day in the water playing with the surfboards. bodyboard and, without knowing what surfing was, They played stand up.

Then his mother, by chance, met some kids from Cantabria with some imitation surf boards, but very small, which she found funny and asked: “Hey, can these boards be bought? Because our children spend all day on them.” the water, with the boards bodyboarding, and I don’t know if you’ll like those.”

They asked her if they had ever surfed and it all led to the fact that one weekend at the end of summer they went to give a private lesson to her, her friends and cousins ​​on Vega beach. “It was an intermediate place because in Asturias there were still no schools and the truth is that we loved surfing. The star gift of that Christmas was one of those tiny boards.”

When he finished classes in June, he coincidentally opened the first surf school in San Lorenzo (Asturias). “We signed up for the first class to try out the board and we stayed all summer giving introductory classes.“. Since then, he has not gotten off the chart: “It all started as a game, without thinking about it.”

At that time she was 11 years old and she points out that it is a late age for the age at which people usually start. However, her progression was very good.

“I started with some championship at a local level, at 13-14 I was chosen from the Spanish junior team to go to a Euro championship, then to a world championship. At 18 is when I entered the more professional world because I made a third in the junior professional circuit, third in Europe. That’s when I gave way to the QS, which is the world circuit after the June pro, so that’s when I really decided that it was going to be my profession,” he tells magasIN.

Now, the role of the brands that have supported him has been key to this: “I am grateful that I had support from private brands, partly thanks to that I made the leap to the world circuit.”

His life was a suitcase

Since surfing is his profession, Martiño train five days a weekone hour of physical and depending on the time of year, the sessions in the water vary: “If it is winter, perhaps a session of about two hours in the water, depending on the conditions. If it is summer, I usually take two baths a day of an hour and a half or two hours each”.

Furthermore, thanks to his profession he can travel to surf spots in very different parts of the world. “When I travel I focus much more on surfing. I can spend six or eight hours in the water. Spread out. For example, now I was in Sri Lanka and I put in many more hours of water than physical, although I also combine it with training. The same I train instead of five days a week, two or three and I surf a lot more.

Remember that before the pandemic your life was “a suitcase“. Now, the competitions have been reorganized. He explains to us that now he only competes in Europe. “Before we traveled a lot because we had to do all the stages all over the world. The season began in Australia, we held three or four championships in a month. Then we would come to one that was suitable in Europe in March or April and then we would go to the Caribbean, Barbados and Martinique. For the summer we returned to Europe, then South Africa and South America.”

Now, as it competes in Europe, the season begins at the end of August and runs until December. “What I’m doing is more traveling free surf to release projects, content… I was recently in Iceland recording a project, now I come from Sri Lanka and I’m going to Indonesia for three weeks.”

Indonesia is precisely the place that he has liked the most to date. In fact, she took a boat trip to some islands to surf and the conditions were perfect every day: “It is the ideal destination for any surfer“Although it still has several pending sites, such as French Polynesia.

Respect, but not fear

Lucía Martiño is a brave woman and she shows it every time she gets on the board. “You have to have respect for the sea, but not fear. It’s knowing where your limits are. So I really like to surf big waves. “I’m not dedicated to big waves, it’s a different modality from what I do, but it’s true that I would like to start surfing larger waves,” she says.

To date, the most he has surfed has been four meters in Hawaii. “It is measured from behind so it is actually more than four meters, but it is true that it is another modality and I know where my limits are.”

Always enter the water with respect, a feeling that grows as sea level rises. But when you surf a big, more powerful wave, you enjoy the feeling of adrenaline, pride and satisfaction.

“I feel proud to be able to give 100% on that wave. The feeling is incredible. Now, each wave is different, so the sensations in each surf session are different and that is what makes this sport very beautiful.”

Protect yourself from the sun

But not everything was going to be rosy, with this sport that is practiced in the open air at sea, “the skin suffers a lot“. Since she was little, her parents drilled into her head the importance of apply protector solar to protect yourself from radiation.

And in recent years, as an ambassador for La Roche Posay, she has been in contact with dermatologists who frequently remind her: “Any day I go surfing, even if it’s in Asturias and it’s cloudy, I apply sunscreen before entering and exiting the water. In addition, I reapplied“.

In fact, that’s the most important part when you take long trips where you’re exposed for many hours: “I do it every two hours or so, because the creams wear off.”

He points out that he is now aware, despite not having had bad burn scares, because there are times when the day is perfect and he wants to spend many hours in the water.

It is also key in your beauty routine aftercare: “When I left clean well, I also remove leftover cream and apply creams moisturizing to sleep, masks or hydrating capsules that go to the lower layers of the skin because it is true that dryness It is noticed many times. If I come back from a trip, being very exposed, my skin suffers a lot and I notice it. So I put a lot of care into that.”

And don’t forget the hair. Blonde hair with surf highlights that are the result of the hours she spends in the sea under the sun. “I’ve never had anything done, it’s totally natural and what they say about surfer highlights is total because it’s like being burned by the sun, the water, and it’s exposed for many hours.”

Springfield Ambassador

On the other hand, Lucía Martiño has become Springfiel ambassador, so it will be the image of your campaign for the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons.

“The truth was incredible when I received the first email suggesting that I be the image of their campaigns this year, both the spring-summer and the autumn-winter, because in the end it is a brand that I believe we have all grown up with, who wouldn’t Have you been to the Springfield store to buy something? And also that to me I like fashion too“he comments.

“Apart from surfing, I like to get out of my zone. comfort and I like fashion, I like to dress well.” Although they usually link it to style sportconsiders that each place has a style and she likes to dress up, in fact, she recognizes herself as a flirtatious girl.

For her, being able to work on the spring-summer campaign was incredible because she was able to choose the looks What more goes with her and him? shooting It was in Lanzarote, which is like “my second home”, so for her “everything was great”.

The campaign is very in line with me because it has been related to the surfing theme, So even though it is fashion, it is related to my image and because it is a huge support and also gives visibility to our sport, which is surfing and is more of a minority, people know it less,” he points out.

And he concludes by pointing out that he is especially excited to have been the image of the campaign and that there is still the autumn-winter campaign.

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