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The Spanish women who set the most beautiful tables on Instagram

If you search on Instagram table decoration (“table decoration”) more than five million results will appear in your feed. It has become fashionable to upload photos about the set of tableware, napkins and cutlery that make up this spacein which decorative elements cannot be missing.

This trend seeks to show on the social network original ways to brighten up a meal, reinforcing the idea that what surrounds the menu is just as important as it. The photos of these Spanish women can serve as inspiration when organizing a meal with friends or family.

However, the beautiful decorations are worth it in themselves, even if you will never recreate them. Therefore, we present five Instagram accounts passionate about the design of their tables.

Red and green

“I like everything that brings beauty and harmony to this world, especially beautiful tables…” This is Cristina’s cover letter (@salvetti_64) on his Instagram page.

And you are right in that the decoration of your tablesIn addition to being ideal, It also brings calm and joy.

Spring and nature They are two concepts very present in their sets. This “tomato” table, as she describes it, could not be more ideal for an outdoor meal accompanied by good weather.

Happy Easter

One of the wonders of table decorators’ publications is that they have a setting perfect for every occasion.

A great example is @mesas_degloriaewith its Easter decoration in which it has included chocolate eggs and rabbitsso that anyone who sits at the table falls in love with it.

Pastel colors, especially pink, yellow and blue, They are present in every detail.

Eastern style

Although the decorator is Asturian, it seems that we have moved to a house in the center of Japan. With a blue and white tableware with oriental motifs like dragons and legendary landscapes, Isabel Rodríguez (@irodrig23) presents her table.

They also accompany the dishes matching engraved cutlerylike napkins and vases that meet the same theme.

flower lover

“Flowers brighten and dress our tables”explains Mónica (@llariega) in this publication. And the bouquets are not missing in any of the decorations of the Instagramer.

From tulips to African daisies They serve as the centerpiece of the table, accompanied by a also floral tableware and conical candles.

A table for Sant Jordi

Carmen Enseñat (@carmensenat) presents the art of tables in networks, designing a table for every occasion. A decoration in which every last detail is thought out and in which there is no lack of colors.

Enseñat demonstrates the great capacity it has to choose each object carefully and form a visual ensemble that leaves everyone speechless. Christmas, Easter or even the past Sant JordiEnseñat will always surprise us.

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