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The step forward of Alexia from Holland with which she overtakes the heiress: her first solo act

September is just around the corner and the Dutch Royal Family has countless official events ahead that are already duly planned and that come with surprises. In addition to receptions, state trips and King’s Day, which is celebrated on the 27th of that month and is the great National Holiday, there is something striking that has to do with the second daughter of the Kings. Princess Alexia, who finished her international baccalaureate at the UWC Atlantic College last June like Leonor (they have been classmates for two years), is preparing to fulfill a very special assignment at 17 years old.

Next September 28, the middle daughter of William and Maxim of Holland will star in his first official solo act. This is the christening of a ship called Van Oord, which is moored in the Wilhelminakade port of Rotterdam. The princess will travel from the royal residence in The Hague to this city and she will do so alone, without the company of her parents or her sisters.

This fact has been quite surprising, because the logical thing would be that a first solo act corresponded to the heir to the throne, Princess Amalia, which to date has not had any. She did accompany her parents on an official trip to the Caribbean last January, and she also went with them to her wedding. Hussein of Jordan, the firstborn of Rania and Abdullah. However, to date, the future queen of the Netherlands has not been the sole protagonist of an institutional date. Has been surprise

Princess Alexia, at the Netherlands Formula 1 prize.


The inauguration of a ship, something simple and little formal, would be a good way to start for the heir to the throne. Of shy character, Amalia is also going through a difficult personal time. To the threats from the mafia, which forced her to leave her life in Amsterdam, where she studies, and return to the palace for security reasons, we must add the constant attacks she receives online because of her physique.

More open and determined, Alexia will not disappoint in her debut. In addition to naming the ship’s trawling suction hopper dredge that will bear her name, will make a tour and will also speak with several employees, including crew members and members of the Young Van Oord association. With this innovative mechanism that it includes, a smaller CO2 footprint is left, which contributes to the protection of the planet.

This is one of the concerns of Máxima’s daughter who, after finishing her time at boarding school in Wales, has decided to take a sabbatical to think about your future. She also made him her older sister, so the princess follows in her footsteps. He announced it at the beginning of summer during the traditional press pose: “I want to wait a little longer to make future plans. I’ve had two eventful years, so I think the best thing for me now is to have a sabbatical year.”

The three daughters of the Kings of Holland, in the summer pose.


As for the heir, the Royal House of Orange has not yet confirmed whether Amalia will return to study in person at the University from Amsterdam his career Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics or if you will do it in a on-line until the security problems and the risk of kidnapping are definitively resolved.

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