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The stories of struggle of Georgina, Izaskun and Joana: 3 women who take care of their children with disabilities

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Georgina Col, Izaskun Adot and Joana García have something in common: All three are mothers of children with some illness. and the three fight every day with them so that they have the best possible life. Like so many other women, they are caregivers of dependent people who give everything to get ahead, often without having time to take care of themselves. Now they are also the winners of the first edition of They Count.

This solidarity project organized by the Club Malasmadres and Cinfa Its objective is to make visible the story of women who face different life struggles, “women who care but who also need to be cared for to be able to move forward, and whose sons and daughters suffer from some type of illness or disorder that requires 24-hour care.” up to date”.

In November the deadline opened for mothers to send their stories and in total more than 240 women from all over Spain presented their candidacy. 63,000 votes were registered and last Monday the three winners were announced. They will receive a aid for a maximum value of 3,000 euros to improve your quality of life, or that of your children. These are their stories and those of their children:

Georgina Cole

Georgina Col with Claudia.

In the category of ‘Mothers with sons and daughters with illnesses or special needs’, Georgina Cole (originally from Cartagena, but resident in Barcelona) has received the most votes.

His daughter Claudia He is four and a half years old and Menke-Hennekam disease, a rare disease of which only 12 children have been diagnosed worldwide. “She was born with many difficulties: foot malformations, retinal detachment due to which she cannot see, feeding difficulties that require her to feed through the gastric button… And many other battles that we have had to fight daily,” says Georgina.

“There began a long-distance race. Luckily She doesn’t get tired and if she doesn’t, neither do we.. She is an all-rounder and there is nothing that makes me more proud than seeing her evolve every day.” However, Georgina admits that there is also a sacrifice, since Claudia needs care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Among those sacrifices: work. “It’s impossible. I have weekly doctors, daily therapies, it’s only been 5 months since she started walking, it’s a daily struggle.”

Although Georgina was very bad at first, “in the end “You get strength from where you don’t have it.”. “The pain does not go away, but I have learned to transform it into something positive to be able to help other mothers. We have gone from not telling anyone about Claudia’s illness to sharing it with pride.” Because “if we are clear about one thing, it is that Claudia has taught us two things: one, that what makes us equal is that we are all different; and the other, also very important, that we do not have the strength to give up,” he adds with a smile. .

Thanks to this initiative, Georgina has been able to give greater visibility to her story and, most importantly, allocate aid to research into Menke-Hennekam disease “so that in the future these little ones have a much better quality of life.” “We are very happy to contribute this money to Claudia’s research through the association that my husband and I have promoted.”

Izaskun Adot

Izaskun in a video in which he thanks those who voted for him.

Izaskun Adot (Navarra) has two children, Ainhoa19 years old and Iionan15. The little one has Down syndrome and 96% disability. He has undergone more than 40 operations since he was born and needs constant care. Additionally, Izaskun and his family have a child in foster care: Anthony12 years old and with a 57% disability.

“It was a family decision. We already knew what it was like to have a child with a disability and it seemed to us that the way we led our lives and the things we did, we could give another person the opportunity to live with us the time he needs,” explains Izaskun. “Antonio is more autonomous. He goes to an ordinary school with curricular adaptation, but day by day he is included quite normally in the center of it.”

Izaskun has been recognized within the category of ‘Women who live with an illness’, since for about six years she has suffered from “the blessed fibromyalgia“. This chronic disease that mainly affects women, generates pain throughout the body and fatigue, among other symptoms. “I have always carried it quite silently, because there is so much debate around this disease… But “the pain is real”account.

All this does not prevent her from taking care of her children and continuing to work with reduced hours, in addition to carrying out the Brazadas de Superación Foundation, a solidarity project that helps boys and girls with disabilities. “I set the alarm clock a little early to take the pain pill and I get up when it has already taken effect,” she says.

Thanks to this project, you will be able allocate aid to physiotherapy sessions and rehabilitation treatments that mitigate the fatigue and constant pain caused by this disease. “I’ll be able to have a few hours of physiothat in the end you know what happens in a family: you start giving for everyone and there is never time or money or anything left for you.

Joana Garcia

Joana with her daughter Aitana.

The third winner for the initiative They Count in the category of ‘Mothers caring for dependent people’ is Joana Garcia (Madrid). Joana almost lost her daughter Aitana, six years old, as a result of meningococcal sepsis that kept her in the ICU for 30 days. She survived, but they had to amputate one leg and she has mobility problems in the other. Therefore, to walk she needs a prosthesis and a DAFO orthosis on the other leg.

“As a mother The first thing that comes to your mind is why it happens to her and not to you, the feeling of guilt.… And to move forward a family that is completely collapsed,” says Joana. “We have had to go to therapy, I have been on medication… But thanks to her, to that beautiful smile, to the desire to improve strength that has always shown, “We have managed to get ahead”. And Joana highlights that Aitana is a fighter who, in addition, continues to go to school as usual, although with a support person who helps her when she has a mobility problem.

They will use the money from this recognition to a new prosthesis for Aitana“since we need to change it as it grows. Thanks to it, it will be able to continue advancing and enjoy greater autonomy, which will contribute to improving our quality of life.”

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