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The surprising benefits of being single that (probably) hadn’t occurred to you

In recent years, Multiple studies have supported that single women are happier. The idea that every woman needs a man by her side is a stereotype that in Spain, fortunately, is increasingly banished from the heads of men and, more importantly, women.

More and more women make the decision to remain single because they do not believe it is necessary to find “a better half” to be complete.. Their life is focused on other issues and they do not consider having a stable partner a priority or a necessity to be happy.

If you have doubts, or are simply curious, what they are some of the reasons that you have not been able to think of why it is worth continuing to be singleand that are supported by science.

Being single allows you to get to know yourself

Being single is an opportunity to get to know who you really are and what you need. Sometimes we link some relationships with others to avoid being alone, thus preventing us from listening to ourselves and causing us to relate to people who may not be entirely suitable.

Being single forces you to face many situations alone as well as discover that time is a great healer and helps you discover who you are and what type of people you want to have around.

Single women are more self-sufficient

Learning to appreciate time alone is really important to being self-sufficient. Everyone needs to be self-sufficient at some point in their life, and if you’ve never been alone, you may find it harder to adjust.

The higher the level of self-sufficiency that single people achieve, the less likely they are to experience negative emotions toward being alone and having to fend for themselves. In fact, it ends up being a value to be proud of.

Being alone is less stressful

Of course, it cannot be generalized and for some people being single can be very stressful. But, according to Susan Heitler in Psychology Today, these tensions can be overcome, it is a matter of learning to manage it and single people end up managing it correctly.

Single women have better health

Despite what it may seem at first, due to the clichés of single people’s nights out. Psychologist Bella DePaulo author of book Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After concludes that women who have always been single are healthier, in general, than married women. In addition, they are sick fewer days and go to the doctor less.

Another study published in Social Science & Medicine showed that single people in nine European countries, including Spain, had a lower BMI than married people.

They are better at keeping friends

Single people are more attentive to their friends than married people. DePaulo assures that it is not something that only occurs in the first years of the couple’s relationship but that it continues over time. Furthermore, the variety of these friends is also much greater.

Being single can help in your professional career

Single people are more likely to place more value on work, according to DePaulo. Not having to worry about maintaining a romantic relationship can mean putting more effort into a better career.

Being single can also make it easier to move around or take more trips, which can open up more opportunities for career growth.

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