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The ‘Top 100’ Patricia Benito (Openbank): “Your position should not determine how you treat others”

Patricia Benito de Mateo is part of ‘The Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain’ in the Senior Management category. She is the General Director of Openbank, a position that she has achieved thanks to her efforts and her high leadership capacity. Among other things, she has managed to transform the digital and technological sector in her area.

Recommend us a movie, a book and a song.

a movie, BabylonI saw it last weekend and thought it was spectacular. The interpretation of the actors, the photography, the costumes, the soundtrack… It is a true work of art.

A book, American Deliriumby Carlos Granés, who has just won the Openbank Literature Prize by Vanity Fair for Best Non-Fiction Work in the Spanish Language. An original and tremendously interesting story to understand how the cultural and political world in Latin America has evolved.

A song, Sessions, Vol. 53 by Shakira with Bzrp, has been able to express what many of us have thought at some point.

A characteristic present in most women.

I couldn’t name just one, so I leave those that I consider to be repeated most often around me: perseverance, flexibility and resilience.

Conciliation is…

Know how to balance personal and work life well. Prioritize the important moments in the life of my child and family. Remember these two points every day and respect the space of these two areas.

Any advice for a job interview?

Have confidence and security in yourself.
Be honest and convey what you want to achieve.

The three things you look at first when you meet someone and why.

In education (with this you are more than half done), in honesty and in avoiding gratuitous praise.

With what small things do you identify the disconnection?

An afternoon with my son, a trip with friends to Marbella and Christmas with my family in Manresa.

A foreign defect that you can’t stand?

The lie. Trust is something that is built over years but that you can destroy in less than a minute.

Sleep is…

The best of the weekend to recharge your batteries.

A mania that defines her.

When I work, I need all the items on the table to be perfectly placed and aligned. It is a hobby that I have had since I was studying and it continues to this day. It relaxes me and makes me concentrate much better.

A color that would never sneak into your closet is…

Fluoride in non-sports clothing.

Any questions that you think can help you learn a lot about others?

What do you ask of life?
How would you like to be remembered?
And you, what have you learned in these years?

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